Friday, October 4, 2019

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for TentaCream!

A couple of days ago, Hentai Horror started and warped a depraved little corner of Second Life... For some people the thought of Hentai and all the tentacles that it embraces can be a little unnerving or even off putting, but I'm part mermaid... Tentacles have never been a bother for me hehe... 
So while I was playing around in some of the awesome Hentai Horror themed creations, I felt a craving, and decided to step out to get some Ice Cream... 
At the SugarBowl Ice Cream Parlor, it seemed like the place was empty... May they too had gone to see what delights the Hentai Horror held, I had to help myself to some of the delicious Ice Cream, and even made a new friend in the owners puppy... I couldn't eat alone could I? I had to share!!
As you can see, the outfit isn't one of my usual colour choices... I blame the tentacles clouding my judgement, and for some reason opting for purple! It's a VERY rare occurrence that purple is worn by me... Don't get used to it LOL! It all started when I tried the Succubus Dress on - from MOEKO - there were a few different colours to choose from but for some reason it seemed to appeal best in purple when I added this awesome Socorra Hairstyle from EscalateD. The hair comes with these awesome tentacle horns braided into it! I was in love from the moment I tried the demo!!! 
Anyway, I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream... Not sure if that's because we love it, or we're scared of the TentaCram - by SEKA's - but I know I'm hungry and it looks YUM!!! I'm screaming for good reasons hehe... 
What is she wearing;
Hair: EscalateD - Socorra (Available until October 31st at Hentai Horror
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Dress: MOEKO - Succubus Dress (Available until October 31st at Hentai Horror 
Bra: Storybook - Neptune in Oil 
Ice Cream: SEKA's - TentaCream (Available until October 31st at Hentai Horror
Pose: Secret Poses - Amelia, Pose 5 
Dog: Jian - Sneaky Snacker in Ice Cream Pug 
Ice Cream Clutter: random.Matter - Ice Cream Bar 
Backdrop: Exposeur - The SugarBowl 

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