Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Stay Wild Moon Child, Happy New Year!

2018 has finally left us, it's moved on and we're done with a year that some people would argue was a pretty crap year in general. Personally for me, the year was not so bad - I've had worse and better - so it's all a relative thing, I guess. It's about this time each year, that I stop and think, a moment of quiet contemplation in which highlights are relived for the happy memories, and the lowlights are rehashed then discarded so they plague my thoughts no more... I usually do this, written here, with something pretty and find that for me it's a great stepping stone into a new year, so please bear with me, and if you don't want to read the musings you can always skip ahead to see where the pretties in the picture can be found... For now though let me share with you some of my thoughts... 
RL aside - although there have been a few good things in RL, as well as the universe balancing bad stuff - my SL has been a bit of a rollercoaster. I don't know about you, I cannot vouch for others, but thinking back on it I can clearly say that hindsight is a useful thing for putting situations into perspective.
For example, I've recently managed to get myself a brand new computer. I'm loving the chance to be able to explore taking pictures differently, and after having spent much of 2018 complaining that things never worked right, I look forward to being able to improve, learn new things and maybe if I'm really lucky start creating the type of pictures I've always wanted to make! Pretties with shadows - wouldn't that be something nice?!
Another example would be the way that the MC I'm the Secretary of seems to have had many ups and downs this year. We've seen members come and go, people I thought would always be there have gone, and others have followed others blindly like sheep. Stories are twisted and everyone has their own side of things, but we remain, and will continue to grow and thrive as we always have done.
Every time people walk away, I'm left wondering how it could be so easy for a person to turn their back on a "loved one" - one minute you're a close friend and allie, the next you're invisible and worth less than a poop on their shoe, but yet I'm trying to remain positive. They made their choice, they have to lay in the bed they made, and I am going to move on to bigger, better and more interesting things than worry and mope about their loss. As you can see, I'm trying to start 2019 on a positive note, a starting point of being stronger, happier and smarter than I was this time last year... Otherwise what did I learn over the last 12 months - making the same mistakes time and time again, will not make me happy, and it's time I learned that and focused on my own sunshine!
To everyone who has supported, provided guidance and just been there with me these past 12 months, THANK YOU! To those designers that put their faith in my abilities - no matter how much I feel I need to improve - THANK YOU! To everyone who decided that they'd rather believe in the fabrications of a manipulator, THANK YOU for walking away when you did because now I can see clearly and you really did me a HUGE favour! 
I know this may sound a little strange but spending time in a beautiful landscape in SL really does seem to actually help my creativity... The Isle of May is stunning, and snowy - though I'm not sure when that will start to melt - I'm spending time there like a wild Moon Child - thanks to this amazing outfit made up of a jacket and skirt from Oubliette - watching the planets on my fingers and wrists slowly turn - thanks to this amazing Ama Planetary Gacha collection, which I'll put a close up of before the credits - they are turning to a new day, a new year and a new me... 
Good luck in 2019 everyone, let's make this a year to remember!! 

What is she wearing;
Hat & Hair: RunAway - Wicca Hair in Red 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Jacket: Oubliette - Moon Child Jacket
Bracelet & Rings: Ama - Planetary Gacha Items (Available until January 28th at Lootbox Gacha
Skirt: Oubliette - Portia Skirt
Pose: FOXCITY - Fixated, Pose 4 

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