Saturday, July 7, 2018

Bonnie and Clyde

It's not often that I do pictures with HellBone... He's the kinda guy that gets bored and starts asking "are you done yet?" about five minutes into me playing with the lighting, but sometimes I get a pose that he tells me he wants to do, so I have to seize that opportunity when it comes up! That was exactly the case when he saw a Bonnie & Clyde style pose set I got my hands on... His imagination ran away with him... 
The car is actually a part of the pose set that comes with the NANTRA "Bonnie & Clyde" and the pose above is one of those poses included... We look like we've carried out a bit of a heist with all the extra money HellBone laid around the set, but all in all I think we did a pretty good job at scrubbing up as Bonnie & Clyde... 
Of course, once we had stolen the money, what was the first thing we did... DANCE!!! This was my favourite photo of the shoot... A pose from a set called "Takes Two to Tango" - also by NANTRA - I love this shot of us dancing in the money!! His smirk! 
Sometimes, even with Hell and I, you can find hints of romance... 

What are they wearing;
Hair: .Lelutka - HF4 hair 
Outfit: GizzA - Khloe Jumpsuit in Tweed Striped Gray (No Longer Available!)
Shoes: Ingenue - Jolie Heels in Noir 
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Judas 
Outfit (Including Hat & Shoes): Gabriel - Vintage Tuxedo Set in Black 
Gun: GCS - Tommy Gun 
Car Prop & Pose: NANTRA - Bonnie & Clyde 
Dance Pose: NANTRA - Takes Two to Tango, Pose 3 
Money Cases: (LEFT) xin + toro - Money Briefcase & (RIGHT) BAMSE - Heist Gacha Item in Money Case 
Raining Money: [Bad Unicorn] - The Heat Gacha Collection in Falling Cash 
Floor Money: [Bad Unicorn] - The Heat Gacha Collection in Shells and Cash Floor Decor 

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