Sunday, July 22, 2018

"Better have made her Quota"

It's very late, and the moon is high in the sky... The sounds of the bar have faded so that it's just the drone of a last few drunks being tempted to leave by the tired security team. Most of the staff are finishing their cleaning, and the girls are slipping into their comfy clothes to head out into the night... Yet as with any night, each of them must present her earnings to the Dom receiving her cut while he pockets his share... Girls that disobey know the consequences... His whip on the table as a reminder. She nervously waits, watching as he counts, hoping she's done enough today to keep her Master happy... 
Hehe, sorry you know me, sometimes when I'm setting a scene a story develops in my head... This time however, I had a little help from my dear sweet friend Dean - my long suffering model that I call on when I have something kinky in mind, since HellBone refuses to pose like that lol - the conversation we had lead to the story in my head, it went like this... 
Dean: I hope you are giving me the money after a hard night of work ;)
Rudh: LOL sure we can go with that idea rather than the conventional you paying a stripper
Dean: Slut better have made her quota.
I laughed so hard I nearly spat my drink all over my PC!! 
It started out so innocently as a pose from Secret Poses called Money Talks. The set is made up of stripperesque poses and a very pleased looking client! However, rather than looking like a customer, Dean looked SO MUCH more like the Dominant Owner of the club full of girls, that I cannot help but laugh and agree with his idea!! My outfit was going to be something totally different but I remembered these amazing Body Jewels from Ama called Eris, and with just a hint of Stripper Body Dust, and my hair pulled forward over my nakedness it seemed perfect for the shot I wanted of my back!! YAY I LOVE when a plan comes together... 
Though looking at it now, I think I may be in trouble... The look on his face, I didn't meet my quota... I'm already wincing at the thought of what's to come!!! 

What are they wearing;
Hair: #Besom - Pillow Talk in Reds 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Body Sparkles: [Cynful] - Stripper Body Dust 
Body Jewels: Ama - Eris Jewels (Available until August 10th at The Fantasy Collective
Hair: +BM+ - Ruby in Black (No longer Available!)
Suit: Utopia - Vincent 
Pose & Props: Secret Poses - Money Talks (Available until July 28th at The Darkness Monthly Event
Lamps: Apple Fall - Joanne Crystal Lamp 
Table: Fapple- Angel Oak Side Table

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