Monday, July 9, 2018

Tea and Cake for Goddesses of Sun and Moon

Time to relax after work and do something pretty and soothing as a way to chillax...
So why not throw a tea party, and this is a tea party for some VERY SPECIAL PEOPLE!! 
It's a tea party for the sun and moon goddesses, during their very limited meetings twice each day... 
I'm playing around with D├ęcor items again... It's not something I'm good at but I am trying to learn to be better!!
The Cups, Plates, Arts and Wands are available in the Sea & Sun Gacha Items from Candle & Cauldron. The skybox that is also in the picture has a moving sky setting in the backdrop which gives that feeling of day meeting night, as the sun goddess meets the moon goddess for breakfast of rose tea - from dust bunny - and doughnut cake... 

What is in the Picture;
Skybox, Plates, Cups, Art & Wands: Candle & Cauldron - Sun & Sea Gacha Items 
Cake: dust bunny - Woodland Dreams Gacha Item in Doughnut Cake 
Teapot: Apple Fall - Enamel Teapot in Brushed Nickel 
Tea: dust bunny - Diy Rose Tea (Past Gift) 
Table: Apt B - Creative Outdoors Gacha Item in Table Green 
Chairs: Raindale - Allington Set in Patio Chair 1 
Plants: hive - Areca Palm Plant 
Sparkles: ALEGRIA - Dancing Stars Fireflies White Lights (No Longer Available!)

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