Friday, April 27, 2018

Kings Day Walk of Shame!

Today is the King's Birthday for the people of Holland, and that means one thing... Every year on April 27th - King's Day - the nation has a HUGE PARTY!!! 
Where I'm living there is a market where people can sell their unwanted stuff, and a fair with rides and delicious goodies... You should see what HellBone bought for me at the market LOL... 
Yet, as with all things, Rudh is going to have to do the walk of shame... She got a little drunk and somehow lost her dress... 
Luckily she kept her wine though, and that's what matters right?? LOL...
The "Mood" for this picture is actually set by a pose from Reve Obscura - it sums up her walk of shame home pretty well LOL - and to add to the Dutchness, there are some lovely tulips to greet her at the door! 
There is also a lucky coincidence to her losing her dress in that you get to see her awesome new MuggleBorn "Willow" Panties, she decided to wear orange ones for the festivity of the day but they come in SO MANY colours and the fatpack even has a sheer plastic pair!! Perfect for those cutie kinky girls out there!!! 
Have a great day Dutchies... Enjoy the party... Whatever happens remember to bring the wine!!! 

What is she wearing;
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Panties: MuggleBorn - Willow Panties 
Pose: Reve Obscura - Mood BENTO Pose 
Doormat: dust bunny - Welcome Mat in Hello (Group Gift) 
Planter: {what next} - Tulip Rainboots Planter 
Bottles: ionic - leche en botellas 

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