Saturday, April 21, 2018

Crying, Spoilt, Little Princess

Today I'm going to tell you a tale of a spoilt little princess... Her life was all about parties, and cake, and being spoilt rotten. She got everything she ever wanted... Her life was glittering, and all she had to do was flutter her eyelashes and BOOM it appeared, brought to her on a silver platter by one of her many servants... 
Yet there is a very compelling reason for this... If this spoilt little princess doesn't get EXACTLY what she wants, she screams like a banshee and the rooms in the palace begin to shake, until what she wants magically appears... 
Actually she reminds me a lot of my sister when we were kids LOL... 
The outfit that inspired this whole post was actually one that I fell for and NEEDED - just like the spoilt little princess - from the new round of The Epiphany. I wasn't bothered about which colour I wanted but I HAD to have a complete outfit, and got lucky enough to pull the rare Lingerie and all of the other parts in white!! This is the Violent Seduction " Madame Chevaliere"  Gacha Collection - which also includes red, black and pink versions too... 
The perfect palace room was available at Whole Wheat... I haven't been to this location for a while now, BUT it's moved to a new location and is still in the process of being set up, just as an F.Y.I if you do decide to head over to use their amazing sets!!! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: RunAway - Josie Hair in Reds (Available until May 5th at Equal10
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Necklaces: Supernatural - Belle in White 
Outfit (Including Crown): Violent Seduction - Madame Chevaliere Gacha Items (Available until April 30th at The Epiphany
Puppy: Jian - Beagle Pup Collection 
Pose: Zombie Suicide - Kitty Bento Poses, Pose 2 (Available until April 30th at ULTRA

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