Saturday, December 16, 2017

Piggies for Relaxing

Last night I had the time of my life... I was out in RL at a concert... Live Music is definitely one of my biggest healers and I feel so much better for having a chance to have enjoyed some last night! For those of you that are interested it was my favourites, Five Finger Death Punch, I fought my way close to the front and had an amazing time, but today WOW, today I'm paying for it... I can barely talk and walking... Forget about it LOL... 
So today, even in SL, I feel like taking it very very easy... Nothing too crazy, just a day in my jammies to chillax!
I have the perfect spot in my little home that was just crying out for me to go curl up in with a good book. The book in this case just happens to be about Haunted Houseplants LOL... Though it is the chair that needed to curled up in, and funnily enough Cauldrons are actually a lot more comfortable than they look! This Cauldron Chair, comes pre-comfortised - with snuggly cushions and blankets - from Candle & Cauldron, and there are lots of different textures for the cushions and blankets, to make sure that it fits well in any discerning witches home. 
Just while I'm thinking about it though, I DEFINITELY need to give more than a little mention to my awesome Jammies... The top is an older cropped sweater I bought ages ago from Vinyl, but it's the Pants I want you to really really look at! These are some of the new Novelty Flannel Jammies from Petite Mort for The Frozen Fair, and OH MY GOSH it was so hard to choose which one's I wanted to wear! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: TRUTH - Makena (Past Group Gift)
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Top: Vinyl - Daya Cropped Sweater 
Pants: Petite Mort - Novelty Flannel Jammies in Piggies (Available until December 28th at The Frozen Fair
Chair: Candle & Cauldron - Cauldron Chair 

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