Monday, December 4, 2017


Sometimes in my daily life, I find myself thinking "why do people act like that?" 
It can come from a wide variety of places, not only limited to the Second Life world, but in all walks of life. For me, I've been working in Second Life for a real life School Institute for a while, these new people to Second Life are often requiring me to have the patience of a saint... I have to bend over backwards to help them use the most basic of Second Life tools, and although many of these people are very thankful for my experience, I can guarantee that there will always be a few that make me want to release my inner badside and wreck some havoc. 
I cant do that at work, for obvious reasons, but when on Rudh... well that's a totally different story...
The only problem is that when I'm on Rudh, the havoc and chaos tends to be of the kinky variety the vast majority of the time... I'm a little devil ready to cause trouble...
I found the perfect place to do JUST that... If you want to be kinky and sin, and well... Release... You should try CAT KINKY... It's nothing to do with cats, and all to do with Sin!
As you can see the 'devil in I' - yes I'm currently listening to the Slipknot song for a little stress relief - has already been enjoying herself.
Dressed for pleasure, in a gorgeous little Gia Asymmetic Dress from Asteria and some very cute devil horns thanks to her Doe Hair, she's ready for Sin... Just don't mess up her lipstick... 
This lipstick is my new favourite fun make-up, it's a release from Zombie Suicide called Cheetah Lips and it's available until December 10th at Applique. It was so hard to choose the colour that I wanted to wear, take a look and see... 

What is she wearing;
Hair & Accessory: Doe - Angelic in Gingers
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2
Eye Make-Up: Izzie's - Gloom Eyeshadows
Eye Bruise: Izzie's - Bruised Eyes
Nose Wound: [dispute] - Beaten Up
Lipstick: Zombie Suicide - Cheetah Lips (Available until December 10th at Applique
Collar: Wimey - Slut Collar
Dress: Asteria - Gia Asymmetric in Black (Available until December 19th at Kinky)
Pose: [PLAY POSES] - Let's Play 

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