Monday, August 24, 2015

Smeared Make-Up and Skeleton Hands

I've been on a bit of a blogging roll today, and I'm feeling like going for a posting hat-trick with something simple but pretty... This could even become a new profile photo for me as it really sums up my love of pretty and macabre all in one close up portrait of my vain self!
It's a simple photo and I have played with the lighting a little but the super pale skin is one of the Rigor Mortis Skins from Stargazer Creations. If you want to see the photo without the edit or if you're interested in seeing the skin in-world call on me, or check it for yourself in a demo! It's a pretty skin for a dead girl!
I then decided on some pretty dead eyes that are some of my all time favourite dead eyes from The Skinnery, and bright red lips... The red wasn't working for me until I decided to smear it all over my cheek, accidentally slicing my face open with a ring as I did so... You too can get this look from anitelle, just bare in mind that a smile like this HURTS!
As a final touch and a nod to my macabre dead girl side, I had fallen into a weird love - as only a girl can with her new accessories. This Hair Flower Accessory is a fairly new release from DirtyStories for Totally Top Shelf. It wasn't too badly priced, but wasn't cheap either, I didn't care though I HAD to have it!!
There is no fancy story, there is no frilliness with this post, what you see is what you get and I really like what I've got hehe...

What is she wearing;
Hair: Magika - Friday
Hair Accessory: DirtyStories - Shadow Queen Head Roses (Available Now at Totally Top Shelf)
Skin: [Stargazer Creations] - Rigor Mortis Skin Set in Flesh (Available Now at What The Goth)
Eyes: [theSkinnery] - Demon eye 3
Tears: antielle - Dissolved Tears (Past The Epiphany Release)
Mouth Wound: antielle - Kuchisake Onna (Past Event Release)
Make-Up: antielle - Smeared Makeup in Crimson (Past Make-Up Fair Release)
Nose Piercing: The Horror! - Teeny Septum in Gunmetal (Past Event Release)
Lip Piercing: Cute Poison - Wounded Piercing
Pose: Signature Pose - Leonie 3

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