Sunday, August 2, 2015

I woke up in my own Wonderland

I fell asleep during the last post I wrote and it took me to a strange and magical land... As if SL wasn't enough on it's own I found myself wandering through a wonderland... I guess that's what happens when you accidentally take too much cough medicine!
I will say that a lot of this could be the fault of the recent Kawaii Project - but that wouldn't be entirely true, they didn't force me to buy lots and lots of pretty things...
We're All Mad Here... Such a truer than true phrase about SL, least in my world it is anyway... Maybe that's just the way I chose to live my SL... The statement is a true Wonderland quote, but you too can grab yourself you're own posing pocket watch - courtesy of Exposeur - that will allow you to surround yourself in the madness... While at Kawaii Project though, don't miss out on your chance to catch the very rare - last of the species - Dodos - a SilentSparrow super creation!  
It's not just Wonderland critters though, there are a few that have snuck in from a local Wizard School it seems... Those adorable little Nifflers seem to be following me everywhere, I just hope they don't get too close to those Carnivorous Geraniums! I heard that you could buy you're own pets like these at the Wizarding Faire, but that moved on to a new town, so I'd suggest if you want these special pets you head to Ohmai and HEXtraordinary
I had to share a close-up of my look as I fell into wonderland though... It's not really the sort of thing I can imagine Alice Liddell wearing LOL... 
The dress perhaps, from Moon Amore - a release for the past Project Limited - in it's soft yellow shade. The key necklace and bottle bag she carries are simple and pretty things, that may be useful and can be purchased before a trip to wonderland from Nomi - currently at The Kawaii Project
It's the other accessories that I have on which seem less Alice Liddell and more naughty porn princess however, but I couldn't resist the abrasive Love or Lust Gacha Items... They just looked so pretty with the floaty girlie dress... 
Whoever said that my wonderland would be all sweet and innocent anyway?! 

What is she wearing;
Hair Band: [ShiZZo] - Metal Bow Headbands 
Hair: Magika - Which Witch 
Skin: Glam Affair - Lauren in America 07 (Past Collabor88 Item) 
Gag, Paddle, Collar & Cuff: [ abrasive ] - Love or Lust Bondage Gacha Items (Past OMGacha Release) 
Necklace & Bottle Bag: Nomi - Alice Gacha Items (Available Now at The Kawaii Project
Dress: Moon Amore - Selene Dress in Butter (Past Project Limited Release) 
Shoes: REIGN - Break-Up Pumps (Past FLF Release) 
Close-Up Pose: Signature Pose - Iwone 2 
Pose Prop: Exposeur - Wonderland Pocketwatch in Bronze RARE (Available Now at The Kawaii Project
Doll: Boudoir - Wonderland Card Soldiers 
Duck: *katat0nik* - Dead Ducks in Yellow Stars (Past Event Release) 
Dodo: SilentSparrow - Dodo Birds in Blue (Available Now at The Kawaii Project
Pot Plant: *HEXtraordinary* - Carniverous Geranium (Past Wizarding Faire Release) 
Pets: !Ohmai Emporium - Niffler in Mocha Pelt (Past Wizarding Faire Release) 
Crystals: A.D.D.Andel - Crystal Display -Dark Crystals (Past We <3 RP Release) 
Key: Half-Deer - Magical Flying Key in Angel Blush RARE (Past Wizarding Faire Release) 
Heart Plants: JASstore - iHeartU Flower Patch in Small Clump Red 

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