Sunday, August 9, 2015

Maybe I'm a Pink Panther?

When I wasn't playing dress up this weekend I was sorting through my hoard trying to do some inventory clearance... It's SO HARD, I always wonder what would happen if I throw it away, would I need it later...
Sometimes though you find some of the coolest things that you've bought and stashed away for a rainy day, and then forgotten about... The things I put on here are things like that... I then went to town editing a crazy picture that I made for no real reason hehe... 
How did I end up making something SO PINK?! I am an enigma in a code sometimes, even to myself...
I blame these adorable glasses from Tanoshi, which were a gift at Manga Fair... The rest of things were things that were hidden in my vast hoard of arghness... YES that is a thing... You know you hear in movies that when something is too full it starts to creak under the pressure, well that's how my inventory sounds right now LOL... 
For some reason I went kittyish... |The Darla Headband from Noodles - is I believe a nod to the kitten in the Disney Aristocats Movie... I added the nose and whisker make-up from !Oleander that had been the stores Hair Fair Freebie, and a bow choker from BOOM to match the one in my hairband... Then somehow everything got a little Pink?! I'm not entirely sure how though... SOMEONE HELP ME!!! 

What is she wearing;
Hairband: Noodles - Darla Headband in Pink (Past Event Release)
Hair: Magika - Restless 
Glasses: Tanoshi - Bowgane (Past Freebie at Manga Fair) 
Skin: Glam Affair - Lauren in America 07 (Past Collabor88 Item) 
Wounds: antielle - The Alchemical Transformation (Past The Epiphany Release)
Nose Tattoo:  !Oleander - Glitter Kitty Nose (Past Event Release) 
Collar: BOOM - Precious Bow Choker 
Tattoos: Identity - Body Shop in First Code (Past Suicide Dollz Release)
Pose: No Longer Available!

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