Friday, August 14, 2015

FOOOOOD... Now with Added Eyes!

There are gacha events galore now days in SL... So many that sometimes it's hard to keep up... Fantasy Gacha Carnival is now on, The Epiphany just closed, OMGacha was a few weeks back, and the behemoth that is The Arcade is just around the corner but The Gacha Garden is the one that caught my eye recently...
There is some simply adorable stuff out there at this gacha event, but as per usual there is always one thing that I simply have to have, that I cannot live without now I know it's out there in SL and that I am willing to feed the machine like a gambling addict to get...
This time it was the turn of Moon Amore! Curse you for the adorable stuff you filled your gacha with... but OH how I love you for making these hehe...
The Moon Amore item that has me raving like a crazy person - which OK is normal but in this case I was far more crazy than was perhaps necessary - was the amazing PsyFood Gacha Items, which you can win yourself at the Gacha Garden this month. It's the fault of the Burger... I WANTED THE BURGER SO BAD!! Luckily due to the fact that it is a Rare, I managed to get myself a full set and then some - so if you want one and aren't picky as to which I can give you one LOL...
That opened a strange door in my mind to the idea of making a look that involved fast food LOL, and lots of it!
I wore a top from B.C.C that I'd had laying in wait for an opportunity like this. The Kata Tank Top with it's awesome slogan - which reads "A Balanced Diet is Pizza in each hand" - was something I grabbed at a past round of the Kawaii Project, but then when I teamed it with the amazing Junk Food Tights from Sugar Heart it just seemed like the perfect outfit for this fast food picture!
All it needed was accessories... That's where I seem to excel, especially when it comes to crazy accessories! I added a little more Burgerishness to the photo by wearing a Burger Time bow from Atomic in my hair and a Hamburger Bangle from CandyDoll, then to finish the look I gave a nod to my hubby in the form of this T-Bone ring from Lost Junction... Long story but T-Bone is his RL Biker road name!
The location couldn't be more fitting too for a number of reasons... ONE it's Gachatopia! If you're looking for something gacha related this is a damn good place to check. TWO it's the diner! Where better than to take pictures of food than at the diner?!

What is she wearing;
Hair Accessory: Atomic - Burger Time (Past Kawaii Project Release)
Hair: Truth - Sukie
Top: [ B.C.C ] - Kata Tank Top in Pizza (Past Kawaii Project Release)
Bracelet: CandyDoll - Hamburger Bangle RARE (Past Event Release)
Ring: Lost Junction - Snacky Style Ring in T-Bone (Past Arcade Release)
Skirt: FANATIK - Mikro Mini Skirt in Gray (Re-coloured by Me)
Tights: {Sugar Heart} - Junk Food Tights in Pizzalicious RARE (Past Arcade Release)
Plushies: Moon Amore - PsyFood Gacha Items (Available Now at The Gacha Garden)
Pose: Signature Pose - Lucille 4

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