Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The ImmateriAl killing of Superman!

More dress up times, more crazy outfits, and wow the chance to "kill" my SL son... It feels like Christmas already hehe... It's not, it's because I was sent an outfit and my brain went on a crazy roller coaster of 'oh that would be cool' then before I knew it I'd dragged Athrun along with me LOL... 
It started with the arrival of an outfit in my greedy little bloggers hands, and that was all it took for me to come up with something bonkers... It wasn't my fault that as soon as I saw the green gemstone like formations all over the dress I could only think of one thing... KILLING SUPERMAN!!!! 
We kept the whole Superman thing subtle, you can see it if you know to look for it, but Ath went for a whole modern and younger Clark Kent version of the man in blue, than the one that wore tights LOL... At Wasteland Motors, in the Junkyard, we found the perfect setting for our Superhero and his nemesis fight... That would be me by the way, I am a new Superman arch villain called Kryptonia LOL... 
The outfit is in fact the entire reason I chose to kill my Super Son... It's made up of a few things... Firstly the skin... This is one of the new Nophia Skins in a juniper colour from Stargazer Creations for the Depraved Nation Thrift Store. It comes in a variety of starry tones, but the green was PERFECT with my old Alice Project hair!
The main reason for the photo though was this outfit, more the dress than the body suit it comes with - a halo is also included but it just wasn't working with my HUGE hair LOL - is the ImmateriA Trionium Outfit. This will be available soon in a variety of colours at The Alchemy, but as soon as I saw the green one I was somehow inspired to kill Superman... 
Luckily Athy wanted to play along, it could have gotten very messy otherwise!!! 

What is she wearing;
(If you want to know what Athrun is wearing please don't hesitate to ask and I will find out for you. It's easier than asking him for a list LOL)
Hair: Alice Project - Delirium 
Skin: [Stargazer Creations] - Nophia Skin Set in Juniper (Available Now at Depraved Nation Thrift Store
Dress: ImmateriA - Trionium in Green (Available Soon at The Alchemy) 
Boots: BAX - Regency Boots in Black Leather 
Smoke: Frio's - Tornado Trails Rave Attachments 
Pose: Thrust - Boots 

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