Saturday, November 12, 2011

Out with the old and in with the new

I know that is normally a reference to New Years Eve/Day, but this time it feels apt to use it about the make over that Rudh has recently undergone. 
I am kinda lazy when it comes to changing things about Rudh, I know a lot of people have multiple skins, shapes and eyes, but I tend to put Rudh in one skin and one set of eyes as her "normal" look, only ever changing either when I am dressing up. That might sound boring to some people, but it is the way that I have always done it with Rudh, giving her a make over once a year if that. The last skin seen on Rudh was from (red)Queen and I had worn it for around 2 years, yet I felt it was the right time for a change! 
So yeah, that is the Rudh that has been around for the last two years, many of you will have only known her looking like this. Her skin is rather tanned, with evil looking dark eyebrows and naked lips that I have been known to wear lipstick on the vast majority of the time recently! Her eyes have changed recently, they are from negaposi and are the mint colour from the silent collection. However, both her skin and eyes have been changed in the last few days and it is something that I am still getting used to... 
She's now wearing a skin by Ploom. OK so Ploom isn't one of those stores I instantly think of when I think about buying a skin, but the face is just so pretty, it is much more feminine than the (red)Queen skin I wore before, and I decided to go paler tone wise... She also got the gift of some gorgeous, if darker than she is used to, eyes... Lynnie spoilt me and bought me a couple of the most gorgeous eye sets from FASHISM, we stuck with the green colour but the dark tone with the pale skin and the dark hair struck me as the look I want to go for with Rudh. 
What do ya think? Was it a good or bad change?


  1. I think it's a good change. I'm a huge fan of paler skins. I didn't even know Ploom had skins. Lol!

  2. Hehe ... I'm even more 'lazy with changing my skin ... I only do that for clips, events or when I need myself to model for my outfits ... ;-)
    I couldn't say if it's a good or bad change ... but you look softer now ... even a tiny bit melancholic ... but I like it ;-)

  3. Oh Honey, I love this skin on Rudh. It is so soft..I hate to say this for fear you will stick your tongue out at, but it has somewhat of a an innocent look. I love it, very pretty, and the eyes are gorgeous! I spoke to Ikon (Fashism) a few days back, he said he is working on eyes even better than what he has made in the past. Hmmm...definately something to look forward to. Anyways, lovie your new look, and your old look to, there both great.xo