Sunday, November 13, 2011

For my favourite Poffertjesporum!

He knows who he is, and I am sure that people may well be able to guess, especially when I tell you that Poffertjesporum is Dutch!
Every language has some crazy words or phrases that when you translate them into another language they will always sound on the borderline of ridiculous!
Poffertjesporum proved to be one of those that I couldn't stop laughing at when I heard it's translation. The first time I heard the word used, Hell was in a particularly pissed off mood and was cussing at someone or something, when he said it, it sounded rather harsh but that might have just been due to the tone of his voice at that time. Later I asked him what it was, I'm trying to learn the language - I have to ask about everything, and he said that it was a cuss word, or rather something you would call someone as an insult, but the translation had me rolling about laughing. It's a word he will NEVER be able to use at me in anger, I just break out into hysterical laughter everytime he tries to use it in anger... 
How the heck is that supposed to be taken seriously now I know what that means? In our house it has become like a pet name for each other, we call each other that in a play fight and it still cracks me up! It definitely makes some of our British insults seem really... well, really harsh! Though on the other side of things I've been reading a website recently called Stuff Dutch People Like (which has also had me in stitches because I see this stuff going on everywhere!) that mentions how sometimes Dutch people will cuss using diseases! It baffles me what other cultures are used to, but I love the fact that the world is so much more connected and we can learn all this stuff more easily... 
As for now, hope you enjoyed reading my blog post, all you pancake faces out there (LOL!)


  1. HHAHAHHAHAA...Pancake face!!!! I gonna use this one!

  2. Poffertjesporum?! LOL! Haven't heard that one before, must be from a different part of the country then I'm from.

    But I will definitely be using that word on my belgian husband. Giving him another "rare hollanders" moment :)

  3. Whahaha it's a word out of the Amsterdam dialect lol