Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Hell of a laugh!

I love the fact that Hell has a name that is basically made for wordplay, there are so many different things that sound funny when I refer to my other half as his SL name, I'll leave it to your imagination at just how many statments sound funny, but this time I played on it as it was a joke aimed at Hell that had Lynnie and I in stiches. 
Basically, he had asked Lynnie to help with his store, he was wanting to update his store's look, and as Lynnie is such a kick ass builder and had just finished a mammoth make-over on her own store he asked her and she agreed...
It didn't seem to take her very long at all, but what she did was just so funny I had to share it with you. 
The first store she tpped Hell and I to was a store that looked like this, 
I knew about the fact she was going to be doing this in advance, but seeing it rezzing it looked more hilarious than I first thought it would. All the pink and the hearts, and OH MY GAH HELL's FACE, it was one of those pictures that you wish you had a camera for. I couldn't of course I didn't wanna give the game away that I knew! Hell's jaw his the desk and then he said to me "Is she joking?" Meanwhile Lynnie was telling Hell she was trying to help him reach a new market, there are so many gay people out there in SL that this will be a new market for you type conversation, I could barely contain my giggles. 
After a while she put Hell outta his misery and showed him the new store build, 
but for those few minutes I nearly exploded with laughter, I needed that and after the week I'd had it was like medicine!! Thank you to both Lynnie for creating the laugh of the year and to Hell for being so adorably gullable lol... love you both!

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