Saturday, November 5, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - 15 Favourites!

As a final homage to the first round of 52 Weeks of Colour Challenge, Luna has set another task for the challengers... This time it was not a colour we had to pick a look for but we were asked to pick out our 15 favourite weeks! OK, I sat looking through my photos, I asked Hell for his opinion, I looked some more, I ummed and I awwed, and I have to say that THIS was MUCH HARDER than the challenge itself!
I love how my take on the challenge twisted though, at the beginning it was just pretty outfits that I was looking for, but gradually I found myself on a slippery slope into my dressing up box and by the end I was dressing as something crazy every week... Ya know what though I CAN'T WAIT TO DO IT AGAIN!!!
My photo abilities have changed a lot too, the first photo looks really bad when I look back on it... I guess I have to say Thank You again to Luna for the challenge as it helped me be a better blogger all round!
I call this collection, my 52 Weeks of Colour pictures, "A Dress-up Box in the Attic", it made me feel like a kid again being able to hide in the attic and play with fun costumes, hehe, hence why I did it every week! 
But anyway, I did the soppy post last week and now I know that the challenge will be back I am so excited. Normally about this time of year I would be getting excited about Christmas coming, about going home to see my family... NOW I'm like forget Christmas BRING ON JANUARY 1st!!!! YAYYYYY!!

My Favourite 15 Weeks:
Looking back up through those I really look like I could become a crazy cat lady in the future?! EEK! *hugs to all the amazing people I have met through this challenge*


  1. LOL Nothing wrong with being a crazy cat lady!

    I loved your creative take on the color challenge. And I can't wait to see you do it all gain in Part Deux :)

  2. You posted a lot of fun pictures, Rudh:) Looking at your mosaic brings back some memories! And you're TOTALLY right - we did it cuz it was so much FUN, and I'm all excited about part deux. Can't wait to see what you come up with next year. Hugs!

  3. it was great fun following you - looking forward to more fun in the nexy round !

  4. Thanks for all those funny moments!

  5. HUGGS Rudh, LOVE your posts, all of them! Pix are great, and your mosaic is PERRRFECT! Awesome job my friend, catch up with you soon!

  6. I think the top-right pic of you in the plant trellis is my favourite -- great look back at your year!

  7. I already feel kinda at home in your attic, just from looking at all the cool and funny pics ... the crazier - the better ;-)
    looking forward to round 2 and of course to 5 more tenners ;-)

  8. Rudh .. you are one of the most funniest posters in this challenge.. i love your creations... much fantasy, super, Bye bye < Nic

    And thanks for all your nice comments, sweet

  9. I love your craziness Rudh and I can't wait to see what you pull out for round 2! I love your collage - so creative! I think the mint ice cream is my favorite.

  10. I love how you just let yourself have fun and went all crazy with this!