Tuesday, November 29, 2011

N is for Neglected! Alphabet Time

Neglected... Yup that about sums up certain things this week! I have neglected my blog for a WHOLE WEEK NOW, I am such a bad blogger! OK, so I have been blogging on Seraphim like a crazy demonic blogger, but people actually wanna read that, so that is why it has been getting more of my attention. That and the fact that I kinda seem to have run out of ideas as to what to post about here for the time being - I could start taking photos of outfits that I put together, a lot of people seem to post Look of the Day type deals, but I am a bit loathe to start that. My personal blog definitely wasn't supposed to be solely about Fashion, though I think there may be a post going up soon about one of my new favourite stores, simply because I LOVE the outfit that I pulled on and don't want to take it off lol!!! It will be able to walk away before I change dammit lol, luckily we don't sweat in SL huh? Plus the Blog Hero Challenge seems to have dried up, though I might carry that one on alone as I loved doing it! Maybe I'll let anyone who reads this pick my songs or something lol, bit of a personal challenge... We shall see! OH the reason I'm posting today... ALPHABET TIME!
What N's did I dig outta my wardrobe; 
Hair: .ploom. - NIX
Skin: Tacky Star - NURSE POLLIE
Necklace: Can't find store - NANA.UK CHOKER
Dress: NEMESIS - Valentine Diva (past hunt przie)
Bracelets: .:* LooLoo&Co *:. - NEVERMORE (past hunt prize)

The store I have chosen may well be fairly familiar to anyone who reads this post, it is N-Core! I LOVE shoes, I have over 2000 pairs in SL and could technically rival Imelda Marcos! Thing is though, I am a bit bad when it comes to shoes, I love them, it is kinda an addiction and so I buy them but then they sit in my shoe closet and never get worn *facepalms*... Still SHOES ARE AWESOME!!!!

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  1. LOVE N-core's sexy heels! And dont you look just ultra, smexy, hotness!