Monday, November 21, 2011

M is for MEEEEEEEE! Alphabet Time

Yes Me, I want to be all about Me today... I've been busting my ass for Seraphim all weekend, been getting like a bit of a blogging machine over there yet my poor little rambling blog is all alone! Well today I managed to say nuh uh I'm taking a break, I posted way too many events this weekend and now I am able to sit back and give my ramblings some time they deserve! 
It's Alphabet Time in Rudhland, and today is being brought to you by the letter M! Mmmmmmmmm lots of good words start with M, including queen of all words Moist! (King of all words is Plinth, LOL thank you Miranda Hart)
What M's did I dig out of my wardrobe; 
Hair: MAGIKA - Luna
Skin: ~(MISERA)~ - Crimson Smoke Skin (past hunt prize)
Necklace: >>>MOLOKO<<< - Guitar Collar
Dress: >>>MOLOKO<<< - U.K. Spunk Dress
Bracelet: Kosh - MIC BRACELET
Shoes: MAITREYA GOLD - Shearling Boots

The location for this photo is Magika, though I did take this picture a while back before it's owner gave the store a make-over. I have to say, I hear people saying that they don't like Magika hair yet I think that it is one of my favourite brands hair wise. I love how the big fringes sweep over my face and they seem to give my face a very feminine frame. Though looking at it now this skin makes me look kinda masculine, it gives me a very manly jaw! Almost Drag Queen style!

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  1. Oooh I love Magika hair! I think I own (or owned) about half of all their wig-styles. Are there really so many people that hate it?

    BTW you do good work over at Seraphim! Keep those bargains coming :)