Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Missing the Colours!

I am missing the colour challenge *pouts*, I know that there are so many other things worth blogging out there but I miss the camaraderie and the thrill of wondering what colour will be in-store for us time around. It will sound weird to anyone that wasn't a part of the challenge the first time round but it is like I am having to go cold turkey. I know that I can get it again soon but getting my next fix won't be for a little while yet! 
Is it only me counting down the days? I am so excited and have a calendar countdown already!!!!!!!


  1. It's funny ... tho I'm still 2 colours behind ... and tho I'm a quite busy otherwise and feel kinda relieved without thinking all week what to do for the next colour ... I on the other hand miss looking at all those cool ideas of the fellow challengers ... and I even miss that 'damn, I haven't done my colour thing yet'-feeling every weekend ... ;-)
    So I do both ... enjoy the colour-break ... and look forward to round 2

  2. I know how you feel. No more stressing on Friday about getting my picture prepared, but... now I'm bored because I've got nothing to prepare!

    Cold turkey indeed... Luna made us colour-addicts LOL!

  3. I miss it to. I think we will be good and ready for the color challenge to pick back up in Jan. Loves ya honey xo

  4. oh yes oh yes ..i miss the color challenge so much.. nice idea missing the colours post so grey and misty lol..yes i miss it all too... ((( can't wait for Januari to come as fast as possible lol bye bye Nic