Wednesday, March 20, 2019

My Circus, My Monkeys...

Many of you know that I've had HellBone around for a long time. He's my Hubby in both RL and SL - though as a technicality we're not married in SL so I can still joke and say I'm SL single LOL... 
You may also have seen me make reference to my Dad - Chopper -  on the odd occasion, and more recently my newish Moms - LouLou and PhePhe - but well I figure that it's definitely time to introduce them properly, since it looks like I'm stuck with them hehe... 
So, I'm sure you'll recognize my Dad. Chopper has been a constant in both my SL and RL now for about 5 years. What started off as friends, became Father and Daughter. Now before anyone says anything, I've said it before and I will say it again, I may act like a kinky weirdo sometimes, but there is none of that Daddy/Babygirl BDSM stuff - the terms are used but never in that sexualised kinda way - he's my Dad, as important to me as my RL Dad and there's nothing more to it than a deep friendship and a love for someone I consider that important! 
Recently he finally found not just one but TWO women that are daughter approved! Louisa and Phedre were a couple before Dad barged his way in, but they fell for his crazy Amerinadian - that's American Canadian - ways and accepted me along with it. Secretly we know that they only started dating my dad, because that meant they got to adopt me but sometimes you need to accept the bad to get the good right?! These ladies are the best mom's I've ever had in SL - and I've had a few mistakes I'll tell ya - they're strong, supportive, feisty women but they have golden hearts and give damn good hugs too. I feel lucky to have moms like these, and what's better is I GOT TWO OF THEM!!! 
Not only did I get two moms though - oh yes there's more - I got a bundle of trouble, little sister that I call my Cinderella since I wanna be the bad kid, even though I know she'd probably outdo me if we had to fight someone lol... 
My kid sister, Kiki, comes with her own fairy wings, unicorn collection and specially made shank! 
She might look cute, and she kinda is, but don't let that fool you too much. You mess with her, try to steal her crayons and she will cut you! 
Unfortunately I've been a bad big sister lately, it's hard for Keeks and I to find time to really get to know each other. We're working on it, it's just taking some time, but they say the best things come to those who wait! I'll wait, and I'll eat the cookies while I wait. Maybe I'll save her some, hide them from Daddy, so she has something to energize her after a hard day of being artistic all over the walls at Mom's house! 
I'm lucky to have you guys. HellBone feels lucky to have you guys too... Never leave, we're stuck together till the end, and I'm counting my lucky stars that Daddy picked right this time! Love you all! 

What's in the pictures; 
Pic 1: Daddy & the Mommas: 
Pose: -Extra- - Third Wheeling 
Backdrop: Joplino - Backdrop Live Show (Available for use at Backdrop City Neon Night Scenes
Pic 2: Sistahs: 
Pose: Posies - Bad Babysitter 
Backdrop: [VO.Z] - Late Night Kitchen (Available for use at Backdrop City InstaFlair Scenes

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