Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Dance along the Light of Day

Today is my Bloggiversary, I've been blogging here for 9 years and I never thought I'd make it past a year... So today I want to do something pretty and happy and dancey... 
I'd been lucky enough to be gifted an amazing Rare prize from the Arcade by one of my dear sweet friends, and as soon as I put it on I got a song stuck in my head and that was it... This picture had to come to life... The way it came to life though makes me smile, it's one of my favourite pictures in a long time, and I'm so very happy with it... 
Today Rudh is dancing on a cloud, with drops of Jupiter in her hair, somewhere in the atmosphere... 
If you cannot guess the song, I'll post it later but it's one of those songs that I've known and loved for a very long time now. Yet it's a song that resonates perfectly with this outfit and it's the reason the picture came out looking just like this... I love it so much, I'm so happy with it!!
She's dancing in the atmosphere and shaking those drops of Jupiter from her hair, Earth is so far behind her, that it's a mere speck on the horizon.
The outfit in question is one from Moon Amore, at the current Arcade, but I HAD TO HAVE ONE... It cost me far too much in attempting to get it, until a friend magically gifted it to me and I could dance along the light of day!
So as I promised the song, here it is... Train - Drops of Jupiter...
What is she wearing;
Hair: Tableau Vivant - Falling Hair Gacha in Shortfall Colors (Available until September 30th at The Arcade)
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2
Outfit (Including Bodysuit, Gloves & Boots): Moon amore - OuterSpace Gacha Items (Available until September 30th at The Arcade)
Pose: Signature Pose - Ballet, Pose 001 (No Longer Available!)
Atmosphere Background: Void - Pocket Universe in Paragon/Nefer
Planets: WarBug - TBF Sci-Fi Planets
Asteroids: Moon amore - OuterSpace Gacha Item in Asteroids (Available until September 30th at The Arcade)
Clouds: Half-Deer - Simple Clouds in Bright White
Moon: BellEquipe - Moon Light
Comet: Strange & Beautiful - Mesh Comet Crate
Sparkles: [ keke ] - Shimmer Cloud

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