Friday, July 7, 2017

Summer Fun in the Sun!

Summer is here and it's getting a little too hot for me. I'm not ashamed to admit that behind the avatar is a big girl - I'm nothing like Rudh in RL aside from my personality being one and the same - but when it starts heating up, I find myself starting to wither and longing for the colder weather again. Crazy right? 
Still in SL I have no problems, and can run around like a headless chicken enjoying the summer 'heat'. I feel lucky in saying that it's awesome to be able to click a button and find yourself on some awesome fun beaches. 
Although poor Rudh forgot her sunscreen last time she went to the beach!! Ouch!!
This time she's at the beach she's been a smart girl, she picked up some new Sunblock that she's wearing like a necklace - available from Katat0nik at Summerfest until July 20th - so that she will never be without any! So now, that she's heading to a beach party - this time at the Frisky Beaver Beach Club - she's protected... The sunburn - an applier from Izzie's by the way - still looks a little ouchies though!! Still in her super cute bikini bottoms - that are part of a set called Jasmina from Rebel Hope - and adorable sunglasses - from Suicidal Unborn, she seems more than happy to ignore the sunburn sting and offer you some pineapple - thanks to a pose called Fruity from FOXCITY which is available at SaNaRae until July 18th! OH AND before I forget, isn't her hair SO CUTE!!! It's a style from Wasabi Pills that is currently available from Hair Fair 2017 until July 16th. The hair comes with or without the little braids, so when you buy it you get not just one but two slightly different wigs, AND you help to raise money for Hair Fair's chosen charity - Wigs for Kids. 
Right now it's time for some Summer Fun... Although actually while we're on the subject of raising money, and discussing summer fun, I am going to take a moment to say, if you LOVE photography and want the chance to win yourself some lindens, why not enter a summer fun picture into the Gators MC Photo Contest where you could win yourself lots of Lindens - currently around 2,000L$ - which to go back even further into my post would be a great amount to buy LOTS of new Hair and raise money for the charity?! If you want to enter, why not pop over to Gator Sim and take a look, or alternatively ask one of the Gators. You know how to find me in world by now hehe... 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Camille Mesh Hair in Reds (Available until July 16th at Hair Fair 2017
Sunglasses: Suicidal Unborn - Pastel Sunglasses 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Sunburn: Izzie's - Body & Face Sunburn 
Necklace: katat0nik - Sunblock Necklace & Tube Set (Available until July 20th at Summerfest
Panties: Rebel Hope - Jasmina Bikini Bottoms in Lime 
Pose & Props: FOXCITY - Fruity Prop (Available until July 18th at SaNaRae)

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