Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Banana Beach Bar

Its hot and overcast here in Holland. The sun seems to be trying to force it's way through the clouds, but there is a possibility that the clouds will say "No Not Today!" Sounds boring but I'm hoping it does come out, because well I have laundry to do LOL... I lead such a glamorous lifestyle, I swear. 
Luckily Rudh is up and out and already causing chaos... She found herself at a beach party and even though it's only 10AM here in Holland, she's already hitting the Pina Colada served in a Pineapple!!! 
Oh to live the life of of the SL glamorous huh?! Not sure I could take it all the time but ya know it might be fun just once LOL... 
Today she's been having a leisurely morning swim at the Banana Bay, before hitting the beach bar. Dressed in a somewhat cheeky bikini - a brand new Boho Suit Set from Nightmare which you can get your hands on in an array of colours at anyBody until July 15th - she pulled on a pair of sunglasses. Due to her just coming out of the sea they're now a little bit wet but it will dry soon enough - just an f.y.i, the sunglasses are a new release from Izzie's at Summerfest!! 
All she needed now was a drink, something fruity and summery and fun... Thanks to the bartender she got what she was looking for, a gorgeous drink served in true beachy style... A Pineapple Party Palm Drink - thank you Schadenfreude for making these! 
Now let's get this beach party started!!! WOOT WOOT!

What is she wearing;
Hair: Truth - Scout in Redhead 
Glasses: Izzie's - Splish Splash Wet Sunglasses in Summer Colors (Available until July 20th at Summerfest
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Sand: Izzie's - Body & Face Beach Sand Update 
Swimsuit: Nightmare - Boho Suit Set (Available until July 15th at anyBody
Drink: Schadenfreude - Pineapple Party in Palm Drink Hold 
Pose: mimpi - TP7 1st anniversary gift Pose 2 (No Longer Available!)

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