Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I Don't Owe You Anything...

Songs resonate and stick in your head to fill in the way that you feel about things that are going on around you at times, least that is the way I've always felt. Certain songs stick in my memory as reminders of people and things that have happened...
Just a side note to people reading this before I go on... It's a rant... If you don't want to read it the outfit list is at the bottom, and don't forget to check out the song too... It's a good one!
I've been reminded of that recently whilst re-listening to some of by Black Veil Brides... There is one song that really sticks in my head and has meaning right now... It's the song Coffin - if you haven't heard it then you can see it here now, aren't you lucky?! - but there is a line in the song that is particularly true about a certain "friend" of mine...
"I don't owe you anything, you'll only die a dream forgotten. I've got my pride, so hear me sing..." or in my case enjoy the LOVELY depraved looking photograph that your - to pardon me for using such language in advance - bullshit inspired...
Trust me, in SL it seems easy to root out those people who are fake, and if the person who inspired this post is reading it, you Sir are definitely of the fake variety!
To be told something by one of your best and dearest friends, only to have them totally contradict those words when talking to others is one thing, but if that person is another good friend of the person you're bitching about, don't be surprised to find out that the one you're bitching about knows... Just saying!
People seem to keep trying to walk all over me, and to be frank I hurt every time... Each time I find myself reverting back into my shell and hiding behind a wall that keeps people out just that little bit more. It's not fair to those I care about I know and I know it affects those people too, but in SL as in RL people need to start paying more attention to those around them...
To whom it may concern... This is for you... You tell me that you don't want our friendship to change, and then you start a smear campaign behind my back. You're not worth my time, my SL is for me and the people that actually care. I'm done with your Drama Games!
To finish, as promised, because I always like to finish on a high note... Please Enjoy Black Veil Brides's Coffin...

What is she wearing;
Hair Band: flipmode - Liberty headband in Chrome 
Devil Horns: [Aux] - Devilish Headband in Black 
Hair: Truth - Ivana 
Skin: Glam Affair - Lauren in America 07 (Past Collabor88 Item) 
Mask: PD - Broken Steampunk mask Freak (Past Suicide Dollz Item) 
Eyes: (LEFT) SongBird - Eye Infection, AND, (RIGHT) [theSkinnery] - Demon Eye 2 
Face Wounds: Utopiah - Excessive Pain Makeup 
Nose Piercing: DirtyStories - Heart Nose Piercing (Past Suicide Dollz Item) 
Lip Piercing: Cute Poison - Frosted Piercing 
Lip Wound: SongBird - Cracked Lips 
Choker: Kibitz - Eco Necklace in Blackened Steel 
Rings: (INDEX FINGER) Kibitz - Lena Ring in Blackened Steel, AND, (RING FINGER) ImmateriA - Claw Ring in Sindri 
Pose: Signature Pose - Jewellery 2 

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