Thursday, April 30, 2015

The dance of the Fae as they leave today...

The month draws to a close, and I have time for one last Horror Haute
post to bring a touch of the Dark Fae to my rambling space. Those pesky fairies have moved into the swampy home and made it their own causing all kinds of mischief, but today, on their last day they planned a small party to gather themselves in one place before the migration back to their own realm. 
The tea party is laid out on an "Into the Dark Woods" Table and Chairs set from La Maison des Corbeaux - a Horror Haute release by the way - with an exquisite set from the same store - that was a past release for The Witching Hour - is a Which Witch Tea Set... 
The fairies danced around it - using poses from dimma for the Dark Fae Set, both different styles but still part of a family...
The fae on the left is more of a warrior, with a little flair for elegance. The skins are part of the same set that I have used before for Horror Haute this month, a set from Stargazer Creations, and the hair is an old one from Magika... Her outfit is made up of a Ghost Story Grim Dress that she has teamed with a skirt to make an outfit from a ready made outfit that you can pick up from TLB.
To accessorise, she pulled on a pair of long black gloves, that are part of a set from AfterMath Creations, and a gorgeous collar from Chop Shop - which comes in a selection of 8 different colours! She even has two pairs of wings... One pair, the back from AfterMath Creations and the front from Brick-a-Brack, together seemed to make a very powerful radiant fae!!! 
The fairy wings from the second look are a part of the set that includes the Grim Dress from Ghost Story, I loved the dark demonic look to them... She wears a simple Brick-A-Brack Camisk Dress in a dark purple colour, with a matching Lillfolae Mask from Laudanum Lollipops, to shield her Dark Fae BLD eyes. 
The Dark Fae are now beginning to disappear into the mist, if you hurry to Horror Haute you may catch them, but there is a rumbling in the wind... Something dark may have left but it seems that a little magic has been left in it's place... 

What is she wearing;
Look 1:
Hair: Magika - Lemon
Skin: Stargazer Creations - Fenodyree Fae Avatar Set in Drowned (Available Now for Horror Haute April)
Collar: Chop Shop - Bound By Magic in White (Available Now for Horror Haute April)
Top: Ghost Story - Fairy Grim Dress (Available Now for Horror Haute April)
Gloves: AfterMath Creations - Black Magic Fairy Gloves (Available Now for Horror Haute April)
Back Wings: AfterMath Creations - Black Magic Fairy Wings (Available Now for Horror Haute April)
Front Wings: Brick-a-Brack - Dark Beauty Fae Wings in Black (Available Now for Horror Haute April)
Skirt: !TLB - Dark Fae Skirt in Purple (Available Now for Horror Haute April)
Look 2
Hair: Exile - Windsong in Special Edition (Past Event Release) 
Skin: Stargazer Creations - Fenodyree Fae Avatar Set in Drowned (Available Now for Horror Haute April)
Eyes: BLD - Dark Fae Eyes in Desert & Hell Born (Available Now for Horror Haute April)
Mask: Laudanum Lollipops - Fae Mask in Lillfolae Lesser (Available Now for Horror Haute April)
Dress: Brick-a-Brack - Dark Beauty Fae Camisk in Purple (Available Now for Horror Haute April)
Wings: Ghost Story - Fairy Grim Dress (Available Now for Horror Haute April)
Props & Poses:
Table & Chairs: La Maison des Corbeaux - Into the Dark Woods in Lovely & Deep (Available Now for Horror Haute April)
Tea Set: La Maison des Corbeaux - Which Witch Tea Tray Set in Morgana (Past Witching Hour Release)
Look 1 Pose: dimma - Dark Fae 3 (Available Now for Horror Haute April)
Look 2 Pose: dimma - Dark Fae 4 (Available Now for Horror Haute April)
Close Up Look 1: dimma - Grief 5 (Past Horror Haute Release)
Close Up Look 2: No Longer Available!

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