Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Dark Fae are Coming...

There is a whispering in the wind, a fizzing in the air, a darkness is slowly creeping over the land... You can feel your mind starting to go blank - if it wasn't already - and that whispering becomes a giggle...
I come with a warning to you my good friends... The Dark Fae are coming!!! Horror Haute this month will be welcoming them in, allowing them to take control of our minds, and WE are powerless to resist... Remember to watch over your shoulder, during the last week of April they are here to get you!
I'm talking about Horror Haute, and the fact that the upcoming round - due to start Thursday April 23rd - is based on the theme of Dark Fae! It was decided that it might be fun to have some form of promotional poster to wet the whistle and get us into the right frame of mind, and so as blogger manager I have taken on that task! Not that I mind, it's even more excuse to play dress up! You can see the complete poster - with text on my Flickr, but here I wanted to focus on the imagery!
The location of this photograph is one of my favourite places to explore at the moment, it's the Grand Duchy of Picklemoon, and really if you haven't been here then you should go check it out!! I mean it, go now!!
Now I have to remind you, that none of the items worn here will be available for the upcoming release of Horror Haute, this is just to get people in the mood!! Please don't kill me if you cant find these things as you thought they were Horror Haute items...
But while I am talking about outfits, let's just discuss what it is that made up my Dark Fae look today, shall we?!
The skin is a past HH release, from Stargazer Creations, that was part of the just past Plague round as was the Left Eye from Laudanum Lollipops and a lot of the other things I'm wearing were past event releases that have since moved back to their main store locations. such as the Unseelie Wings from Soul Distraction, the dyed:peony Sakura face strap and theSkinnery Demonic Right Eye. A few other items are still available at their special events, such as the Exile "Flying Over the Dateline" Hair which you can grab at this round of Collabor88 and the Kinky Bunny Pose from Signature Pose that I used - which is available now at Pose Me Amazing! The majority of the other things that I haven't yet mentioned though come from the Xiasumi School Festival! The Schadenfreude Sakura Mori Neo Kanzashi hair piece is GORGEOUS, but it was in fact the antielle items, there was the freebie Third Eye Wound which was awesome to find as a surprise, whilst I was there to grab the Kuchisake Onna! 
Whatever happens, beware the dark fae are coming... Horror Haute is coming... Are you ready?! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Exile - Flying Over the Dateline in Fantasy 1 (Available now at Collabor88)
Hair Flower: Schadenfreude - Sakura Mori Neo Kanzashi (Available Now at Xiasumi School Festival
Skin: [Stargazer Creation] - Plagued Skin in M02 (Past Horror Haute Release)
Forehead Wound: antielle - The Third Eye (Free Gift at Xiasumi School Festival)
Eyes: (Left) Laudanum Lollipops - Death's Stare (Past Horror Haute Release), AND, (Right) [theSkinnery] - Demon eye 3
Mask: dyed:peony - SAKURA eyemask in blue (Past Origami Release)
Blood: Ama -  Lighter Blood Splatter Full Body Tattoo
Mouth Wound: antielle - Kuchisake Onna (Available Now at Xiasumi School Festival)
Bruises: Corvus - Body Bruises
Dress: Murdock !nc - Sack (No Longer Available!)
Wings: Soul Distraction - Female Unseelie Wings (Past Hunt Item)
Pose: Signature Pose - Kinky Bunny 1 (Available Now at Pose Me Amazing)

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