Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Day of the Dead is upon us!

The Day of the Dead follows Halloween, like a quiet that follows a storm... HAPPY DIA DE LOS MUERTOS... You know me, anything to do with the dead I will celebrate it! 
But what is Dia de los Muertos??! 
Today - November 1st - is the Day of the Dead, when translated from Spanish, and is a Mexican holiday to remember the deceased. Today in Mexico the dead will be remembered with gifts left to private altars, which include marigolds and Sugar Skulls... 
Sugar Skulls seem to decorate SL around this time of year too... That skull with it's adornment of pretty colours and flowers... This may sound weird, but if I die I want to be remembered with those! LOL! - By the way this is not me mocking anyone, this is genuine, I LOVE Sugar Skulls!
So for my Day of the Dead look, I wanted to create something pretty, yet Rudhified - although strangely I went for a colour that I don't normally have much to do with... BLUE?! 
The face paint is an Ama creation, that could be won from a gacha machine around the same time of the Twisted Hunt. It was available in a variety of colours, but the turquoise one was best for what I wanted hehe... The eyes are oldies, but goodies from REPULSE and the hair is a new release from Ploom called Pwny - you're supposed to wear it with a hairband, and you may well see that here at other times, but I angled my camera so I didn't need one LOL... SORRY for being cheeky! I do have a bald strip here! 
Though as always, it was the accessories that I went to town on... The crown was something that was a hunt prize - although that may have changed, I'm hoping you can still get your hands on it! It is a Cute Poison Clockwork Crown, and being honest I felt that it worked well with a Day of the Dead rememberance look. You're remembering a time when someone is alive, and remembering that time the person was around... So why not wear a crown that looks like it's made from the hands of a clock? 
Last to mention, although it is one of the most obvious aspects, is the Aurora Tiara from Modern.Couture! It's big, it's garish, it's flowers and gemstones and it seems pretty perfect for a Sugar Skull! How could I resist?!  

What is she wearing;
Tiara: Cute Poison - Clockwork Crown (Available now as a Sinister Steampunk Hunt Prize)
Flowers: Modern.Couture - Aurora Tiara in Blue (Past Event Release) 
Hair: Ploom - Pwny 
Skin: Glam Affair - Candy Skin in America 09 (Past Arcade Item) 
Face Wounds: (Under the Eyes) Utopiah - Excessive Pain Makeup 
Eyes: REPULSE - Bane Eyes in Gold Sclera 
Make-Up: Ama - Twisted Soul Eater in Turquoise 

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