Monday, November 3, 2014

Keep Your Eyes Open

Now, Halloween might be over, but coming from me, I'd hope that you know by now I am always going to veer more towards the macabre than the girlie... Right?!
So, that having been said I was browsing through a selection of notecards for new releases and DAMN when my eyes fell upon the releases from [ContraptioN] over at the latest round of Uber - with this month's Macabre theme - I couldn't get into the event fast enough hehe...
There was actually a lot more that I wanted from the event than I had initially thought... First though let me talk to you about the [ContraptioN] items hehe...
The Death's Smile Mask is simply two wires of teeth over the mouth. They don't move, so if you are one of the people that talk on voice and watch the lips move, then you might be in for a bit of a shock when they remain static, but don't they look awesome?!
The Wide-Sight Eye attachment is a little different, because the eyeball is fixed to your own eyes, the thing moves LOL... It weirded Jimmy out a little, and that made me crack up laughing - weird Rudh score 1 LOL...
Whilst shopping at Uber - which is where you can currently grab these awesome [ContraptioN] goodies - I also found this great hair from little bones... It comes with the laces in one side, and two different variations of fringe!
My dress is an oldie but one of my favourites, and it seemed to look perfect with the new chokers from Cute Poison. These chokers are available for the Rumplestiltskin themed round of Enchantment, which as I mentioned before is where you buy an item, get a stamp card and collect the stamps from each of the participating stores then head to their secret location to chose a prize from a collection made up of all of the participating designers! The difference is with this and some of the other items that can be bought for Enchantment is that these items are from a gacha machine!
The location is one to check out too... It's by the creator Cica Ghost, and I LOVE everything that comes outta this creative mind! This time Little Town seems a little Steampunkish and maybe a little Burtonesque?! 

What is she wearing;
Spider: Nuville - Item available at the Event Nuville Horrors!
Hair: little bones - (Side) Voodoo (Available now at Uber)
Eyes: n-creation - Zombie Eyes 
Eye Attachment: [ContraptioN] - Wide-Sight Eye (Available now at Uber)
Skin: Glam Affair - Candy Skin in America 09 (Past Arcade Item)
Face Wounds: (Under the Eyes) Utopiah - Excessive Pain Makeup
Piercing: Cute Poison - Starlust Piercings
Teeth: [ContraptioN] - Death's Smile Mask (Available now at Uber)
Choker: Cute Poison - First Born Choker (Available now for Enchantment)
Dress: r2 - A/D/E Suzuya in Silver (Past Event Release)
Pose: PRETENSE - Lines 5

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