Thursday, February 21, 2013

What Do Shoes Eat?

Gotta love a random post name... Sometimes I get stuck when trying to think of a post title. I like them to have meaning to what I am posting but then I don't want them to sound too weird, they've gotta make people wanna read what you have to say after all! 
This post however, named itself, and I frankly couldn't resist... Though OK it might make my male model feel a bit uncomfortable LOL... 
SO... You might already know this but I have a HUGE thing about shoes in SL... I have far too many pairs and could in some respects rival Imelda Marcos for shoe collection size, yet I cannot get enough of them! Any shoe lover knows it gets like an addiction, you need to have them in various shapes, colours, heights, and then there is the boots vs shoes thing... It can get so tiring LOL!
I love so many pairs that I've seen recently, and I will admit that the Gos shoes - as an example - are very very gorgeous but for some reason I find myself getting stuck when it comes to the price of them. I KNOW they have all kinds of wonderful things to make them look super fabulous, but seriously I am still stuck thinking about what pair and what colour... I know that they compared to RL money, they cost nothing, but then when you see some of the other bright, fun, pretty shoes in SL at half the price, I just fail at deciding. 
These shoes however, were a gift from someone who knows me very well! A total surprise, they just scream Rudh for their random style and monstrosity! I LOVE THEM! I had to show them off, and was thinking it might be fun to try something a little vogue-ish photo shoot wise, but I quite like the seemingly scared pose of the photo shoot's male model as his female counterpart's high heels really take on the role of Killer Heels! 
Boy did I get the giggles taking this picture though... This body is NOT HellBone LOL, this is Nick's hunky body. Hell seems more than a little loathe to be in some of my crazy photo ideas, and when I mentioned I wanted him to wear undies with a bulge he looked at me like I'd gone mental... Luckily though I'd already persuaded Nick - with my powers of being utterly adorable when I want something LOL - to pose! He's a much better model than Hell, he complains a LOT less...

What is she wearing; 
(F.Y.I - I have very little idea what Nick is wearing, although OK its not much, he said that the pants were from the Men's Department... I can get more details if anyone wants them?)
Shoes: VIKA - Monster Sandals
Pose: Bebotes - Love Surprise

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