Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Protegee For A Day!

Sometimes people do the sweetest things... When this happens you feel all gooey inside and your outside glows and sparkles... Maybe I am over emphasizing the feelings, but that was how I felt upon reading one of my blogging buddies blogs yesterday. I've been a little sick in RL - have a stubborn cough that hurts every time one forces it's way to the surface - and it's making me feel weak and more than a little bleuch, yet Miss Eliza Quixote - of Fashionista Wannabe Blog and Colour Challenge Bloggerette fame - brought a huge smile to my face and a little bit of a blush to my cheeks!
Let me explain hehe, basically a few weeks ago now Eliza came to me asking if she could try to replicate my style and pose with me as a means of spotlighting other bloggers. Already I was flattered that someone enjoyed my blog enough to want to mention it on their own, but a spotlight feature on me... OH MY GOSH! 
So after a few weeks of passing like ships in the night, Eliza came over to my little corner of the family garden and shot me, hehe! To see her gorgeous photos, please take a look at her Rudh-tastic post - you'll also be able to see the list of what she is wearing there too... Yet I wanted to try and capture us together in my own way too, so here's to my little protegee for the day hehe... 
Seeing Eliza like this was more than a little shocking for me, normally she is elegant, graceful, and though her gorgeousness is still present in the "Rudh" look, she does look totally different! She pulls off my look well, I feel, but I on the other hand think I would struggle to dress like she does on an everyday basis... Her lack of huge boots aside, I think that this is a pretty impressive attempt and it flatters me that she would be wanting to try and replicate my style. 
I was thinking about doing a list of reasons that I love Eliza, like she did for me, but aside from the biker style and the no-mod shape, I think the reasons she's put for me would work easily well for her. She regularly gives people positive feedback on their blogging, always knows how to make people smile and genuinely seems dedicated to doing things for herself  - her style, though totally different to mine, is carried off with her own unique flair by a woman who knows what she likes and doesn't try to fit a mold...We look so very different, yet there are a lot of similarities in the way Eliza and I blog, both doing our own thing and enjoying doing so... I personally feel incredibly happy to have met such a lovely lady, and hope that she will remain in my circle of friends for a long while to come... 
Thank You Eliza, it was an honour to be the first in your bloggers spotlight, I can't wait to see who you dress up as next hehe... 
As always though, I needed to be able to tell you what I'm wearing (as I said before if you want to see Eliza's list you will need to check her blog hehe), so I made a little extra picture with the details... 

What is she wearing;
Hair: DeLa - Shell in Red
Glasses: (flaunt) - Spiked Sunglasses 
Skin: Ploom - Maia in Smoke Honey 
Piercing: Cute Poison - Beauty Destroyed 
Top: RoTtEn DeFiAnCe - My Glitter Dress in Black 
Pants: One Bad Pixel - Skinny Leathers in Black 
Boots: [sYs] - DOOM Boots in Red Spyker


  1. This is so super Rudh.. and i totaaly agreee about what Eliza writes about you and yes she also follows her own style. And yes in rudh look it still is Eliza. I agree on that too.

  2. Love you the mostest!!! (Also love those shadows!)