Saturday, February 9, 2013

Demonic Lullaby for the Dead

Yesterday evening I was playing around in my wardrobe looking for something to wear... Do you ever get days where you pull things out and put them on only to realise that they don't match other things you have on, but then you prefer this item and so you have to make an outfit featuring this particular item? I was having one of those days, pulling out random things and thinking "YAY" until I found something I wanted more that didn't match the first thing... Then I remembered the new piercing from Cute Poison - a corset lacing for the neck - and my outfit seemingly began to fall into place from there... In fact the whole idea fell into place, the pose, the location and the look just kinda tumbled into an idea in my head... Getting it in print was almost easy, except for a bout of severe lag!
I took myself to a cemetery, I seem to be drawn to them in times of dead or demon Rudhness, to play a demonic lullaby for the dead... I got rather inspired, and what started out as a look with Rudh wearing a few spikes on the awesome dress from SAKIDE and mask from Inside Lab, with the Cute Poison Piercing, but it kinda spiraled into this photograph that I LOVE from there...
I have used the Devil's Symphony attachment from Hysteria before, but it seemed to fit the feel of the demonic look I was going for, when I teamed it with my horns, eyes and simple make-up, all I needed was the right pose. Then I remembered this past group gift from !bang - the store owned by our long suffering Colour Commander, miss Luna Jubilee... All I needed was the location...
For an abandoned graveyard, there was only one location that came to mind... Very small and sweet, graveyard called The Forgotten Graveyard... Such a pretty graveyard, a great location to make some awesome photos or even sweet music for the dead?!

What is she wearing;
Hair: Ploom - Gigi
Horns: AUX - In Dreams Horns in Copper
Skin: Plastik - Aleria in Macabre
Eyes: Dead Apples - Sinistre Eyes in Angre
Mask: Inside Lab - Carnival Mask in Grey (Released for last week's SL Fashion Week, in-world store coming soon!)
Piercing: Acide - Mike (No Longer Available!)
Lip Tattoo: Pin Me Down - Lip Markings 1
Corset Laces: Cute Poison - Neck Corset Piercing in black
Chest Tattoo and Musical Attachment: Hysteria - The Devil's Symphony
Dress: SAKIDE - Arrogant Dress in Silver
Ring: Mandala - Motsumame in Black/Silver
Pose and Violin Prop: !bang - Strolling Violin

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  1. I love the way you set up your shot here. And I really love your mask!