Sunday, March 11, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 11

What an apt colour for the month of March! This colour is a great one, and I wonder if it was planned... Aquamarine is the birthstone for March, I know that admitting I know this makes me sound like a loser but I am the daughter of a Jeweller with a Birthday in March, knowing the gemstone for the month kinda goes hand in hand with that. My mum never lets my dad forget that her birthstone is diamond, subtle hints but it comes up every year hehe, she's an April baby btw for those of you that were wondering about the diamond thing!
I seem to be getting kinda good at predicting colours too... My plane from last week is SO CLOSE to this colour LOL... Though who knows where we will end up next, Luna not included hehe...
Week 11 - Aquamarine
Week 11: About time I took my yearly bath hehe!
What is she wearing;
Hair: Gracile – Launderin Lilly
Mask: Ten Penny – Avocado Mask
Bathrobe: Leri Miles Designs  - Fuzzy Robe
Slippers: Intrigue Co – Unicorn Pajama Slippers
Duck: SHUSH – My Shower Towel and Rubber Duck Set
Bath Pose Prop: Glitterati – Bathtub
I will also give credit where credit is due to Nic... Honey it was you  who inspired me to try that delicious avodaco mask idea and although I don't have a shower I had to slap some on and jump in a bath with my new rubber duckie!!! 
Next Week - St.Patricks Blue (which seems to be a rather dark blue!!! Could be fun!!) 


  1. hey do i know that avocado mask and those hairs ?? you need take a bath for sure.. as always a surprise to open your blog Rudh

  2. LOL I love it, so funny & creative, a very Rudh challenge post! Not very Rudh in-world, I hasten to add -- although you know how much work it takes to get these avatars looking good, this proves what goes on behind the scenes!! Now I hope you don't take your bath up on the build platform with Hell looking on lmao. He would get no work done ;)

  3. There are no jewellers in my family but I know my birth stone is diamond -- a birthday is a'coming!

    Cool styling this week, Burger Fairy!

    Jasmine Vege Burger

  4. hehe Rudh your posts are always funny and cute! Love it

  5. Very cute Rudh! Hope we didn't interrupt your bath time too much!

  6. Very light-hearted and fun. You sure do brighten one's day :)

  7. That picture really made me smile :) You look awesome!

  8. Rudh, your posts always put a smile on my face....thank goodness not the mask hehe...but this is another great post!!!

  9. Taking aquamarine to a whole other level!! Love it! Oh btw missy, when is your bday in march??????????? xo

  10. erm ... you're not climbing into the tub still wearing your bathrobe, are you?
    oh ... and you could let Hell lick the avocado mask from your face, I'm sure it's tasty ;-)
    Cool pic ;-))) ... *hugs*

  11. OMG Rudh this is adorable! I love it!