Monday, March 5, 2012

Your Tunes - Home!

It is the first time that I have done one of these posts in a while, I have been SO BUSY with Seraphim and then not having a decent computer to play with for any long period of time, when I don't have something else to do on the decent computer, I have let these interesting posts slip. TODAY I HAVE TIME OH MY GOD hehe!!!This song was perfect for the post that I wanted to create today too, for a couple of reasons...
Imma was instant with her choice of song. I forget now why she chose this one as her song of choice, but it fits well with something that I have been wanting to talk about for a while now and have just never gotten around to... Shame on me I know... I just get so busy! I do it to myself and I won't ever complain, but yeah I get busy... 
The photo for this song was easy to create. I wanted to use the fact that this song was about HOME, and it fits well that I am spending time at Home and able to show off the new place in SL that I can now call Home. 
It took a while for us to get the place we moved to sorted, Remus and HellBone worked their magic and the garden was transformed into a dark swamp with a million different things to see and always something new to spot when you moved your camera. My house was set up soon after the building started but then I took my sweet ass time in decorating and I don't think that I am even ready now... I wanted to make it look like a dolls house, or more to the point, like the wendy house that I had in my RL back garden as a child where I would spend long summer days pretending to be a fairy princess who made fantastical foods out of flower petals!! I loved that house! 
Just a few more pictures of the garden itself, we may have a land warming party at some point, getting HellBone and Remus online at the same time may be a bit of a mission though but you never know it could happen hehe!!!

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