Sunday, March 18, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 12

I'm BACKKKKKKK!!!! Back from my visit to my parents, during which I was spoilt rotten and had such a great time that I was sad about coming home! Still you need to leave to be able to appreciate things like that, and I wouldn't have been so spoilt if I had lived there permanently again, so I guess the good has to go with the bad! Hell missed me and I think Izzy seemed to have too, she won't leave me alone now lol!
Still yesterday I was having a trawl through my massive inventory looking for something that would work for this colour. I will admit that it was something of a mad panic as I didn't want to miss out on posting today - so weird am I that it has to go up on the first day LOL! I do feel guilty that I haven't commented on people's posts from last week, I will try to at some point, I saw them but my mum's PC isn't really the best. Talking of PCs I HAVE A NEW GRAPHICS CARD YAYYYYY, my computer works well again, better than before!! SO AWESOME! Thank you Daddy!
Anyway, colour...
Week 12 - St.Patrick's Blue
Week 12: Ginger Spice with a Rudh Twist!
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Magika - Carla
Dress: [M.O.a.R] - Spangly UK Dress
Microphone: Embody - Microphone Prop
Boots: Little Britain - New Rock Gothic Boots

I will admit that I thought Luna had fallen off her rocker with this colour, I was thinking 'wait! Isn't St.Patrick's Day all about green?' Fledge tells me that it used to be blue, so I'll go with it lol, but as you can see I took a very patriotic route of a different country and ended up dancing round as Ginger Spice. I entered a talent show once on a school trip with some friends and we were the Spice Girls. I had to be Ginger Spice as I am a red head, but I wanted to be Scary Spice LOL I was not amused!!! 
Next week - Tea Green (very pale green!)


  1. Welcome back and congrats on the new graphics card!

    And you look pretty awesome in that dress. You wear it much better then the original Ginger Spice!

  2. Very cute photo, and I'm really glad to have you back!

  3. You're an awesome Ginger Spice! (Sama's right - better than the original) And you're rockin' the Union Jack, there ;) Yay for the new graphics card!!!

  4. You know..when my 28 yr old daughter comes to visit me, I spoil her rotten to and I LOVE IT!! Good for you honey, you deserve to be treated like the queen you are. PS..Daddys are pretty cool to arent they? Glad you got a new graphics card. Your outfit looks patriotic and you look damn sexy in it! xo

  5. It's nice being spoiled by parents and knowing you'll always be a child in their eyes.

    And super big YAY! to the new graphics card!

    Vege Burger x

  6. Haha one in the eye for the Irish! Not that I mind but... why is it that the Irish celebrate their national day with such international fervour? Suppose it shows how many Irish Americans there are! Bet nobody has even heard of St David's Day...

    Liking the lights backdrop :)

  7. You are way cuter than Ginger Spice...oh but that brings back memories seeing Spice World with my girls and dancing in the isle all crazy like. Fun times.

  8. Yay! loving the dress, girl power lol :)

  9. If only Ginger Spice HAD been as cute as you. Well done, dear!