Saturday, July 23, 2011

Curse you Fledge... LOL

Some days in SL you seem to get a lot done, others you seem to spend waiting around for ever and ever just to get what you want - Reality seems intensified in SL in this case as well as a few others... I spent my Friday night feeling the latter, I will hold my fist up high, shake it and say "Curse you Fledge for keeping me on lucky chair clicking duty" hehe... 
Fledge had been given a LM by me to lead her in the direction of some really cool ears being given away as a Waffle Fox Hunt prize by [ni.Ju] -so I could say that this whole thing is kinda my own fault - during her stop at the store she discovered some very gorgeous Dragon wings available in the Lucky Boards in millions of colours, and being a Dragon with a penchant for wings (and a penchant for collecting things), she asked if I'd be ready to tp over to help her collect the set... Sure, no problem, right? WRONG! Second time I went over and tried to tp home I crashed and it was then that I decided to just sit there as I was bound to be called back again! It turned out to be worth the wait, she got MILLIONS, all the ones she wanted with the exception of the one and only pair of Rainbow ones that I had taken a liking too... She let me have those, as long as she gets borrowing rights!! So when I was back at home, I started to create a demonic look, though I ended up more like some weird dark celestial rainbow painter... I mean surely not all rainbows come from the asses of unicorns?
My first attempt at playing with windlight settings LOL... scary or what?? I kept thinking I'd broken SL Lol!!!


  1. Great picture, love the wl setting, and L-O-V-E those shoes!!!! xoxo

    You look fabulous

  2. Seee it turned out to be worth the wait after all ;) That picture is awesome and I think you're more like some kind of rainbow angel than a demonic being! I still have to go through my wings and find out which ones I can put up for adoption LOL!

  3. Wow, that's beautiful!