Saturday, July 2, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour Challenge - WEEK 35!

Little did I think that I would make it this week, creating an outfit and using a computer that I wasn't used to for running Secondlife seemed at the start of the week something similar to a nightmare situation... I couldn't get the controls to do exactly what I wanted, as I am so used to my PC at home being set up just the way I like it... BUT I was damn sure that I would persevere and come up with something for the colour, even if I had to redo it again. The colour was one that I seemed to be kinda prepared for luckily, as I had a dress that had been put aside for "IF" this colour ever came up... It was just a matter of putting the look together and then realising that it was missing something to give it a Rudh-crazy-lady type touch. I handed that bit over to HellBone and said in a whimpery voice "help me?" After passing the photos to him for a final pick of the one he liked best and asking him to make it seem a bit more special, as the outfit didn't seem up to much, I crossed my fingers and actually when the result came back he had added that little bit of pazazz that it had been lacking, I was pleased, he's a good boy, sometimes!
Week 35...
Electric Blue
Week 35: It would seem that spiked shoes act a little bit like mini Lightning Rods... You have been warned lol!
What is she wearing;
Hair: Cortes 'n' Rossini - Crazy Hawk
Make-Up: *BOOM* Truely Outrageous Eye Paints
Jewellery: Schadenfreude - Blue Lightning (past gift)
Dress: .Magoa. - Risque Rossini Dress
Shoes: [LWL] - Tonight Pumps

Don't I look Shocking hehe... So punny it kills me lol!
Next Week - Celadon... It seems to be a kinda weird very pale blueish grey? I dont quite know where to go with this one?!


  1. hehe ... looks like you got lightning-struck like me ;-)
    Love your iro ... I defiantely need to grow mine a bit ;-)

  2. Now that is what we call electric!

  3. I love it! Definitely electric!

  4. Hehe that's super electric! The hair is perfect!

    xo alina

  5. Sizzlin', very cute look this week. Nice pop!

  6. Your perseverence paid off my friend , because you look killlllerrrr in electric blu. Love the pose and hellloooo Mohawk..Loving it!!!