Saturday, July 30, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - WEEK 39!

This week's colour has some special significance for me, not so much the colour itself more the title of this week's colour... I promised a story, it's time for the back story... As with all good TV shows when there is a back story *cue the fading into the story with the blurry edges and gaze into the distance*...
Back, oh must be at least two years ago now, I was a regular at the SL club, Sanctuary Rock. At first I was shy, but after a while I got chatting to a number of the regulars, some of whom I am happy to say have stayed around, some I wave at from a distance and a fair few that are gone and forgotten. Yet it was in this place that I met my adopted big brother Zak (you might have seen me talk about him in a previous post!) During our many mammoth hang out sessions at the club, during which I seem to have logged in and just spent my time changing my outfit for different events - I knew my wardrobe pretty well back then hehe - Zak came up with a game that involved changing my name to different things, often resulting in him shouting random name concoctions at me across a busy dance floor. I do mean random too, things like Rude-Melt-In-The-Oven Lasagne - which I do believe he thinks he deserves a comedy award for - and within this list of random names he coined the nickname "RudeMelons", a name that kinda stuck with me for a while, even after I stopped going there... This one is for you Zakkieeeeeee... 
Week 39...
Week 39: Like something out of a weird anime porno?! But see RUDE MELON
What is she wearing; 
Hair: *BC322 - Dee-DOLLY (hair fair freebie)
Melon Dribble: CONCRETE FLOWERS - Liquid Paint Lips
Sweater: Paradisis - Sin (past group gift)
Fishnet Top: [ III ] - HOTT Mesh Jacket (re-coloured, store closed)
Pasties: *SqUeEzEd* - Duck Tape Pink
Panties: [KAYFO] - Watermelon Undies (only available on marketplace)
Backpack: CONCRETE FLOWERS: Watermelon backpack
Bat: [Pink Fuel] Watermelon Bat

*comes back to the present, still with her far off gaze and shakes her head* Oh well onto next week... Maybe it will be team up time, but Mayala and I seem to have missed the last one LOL... 
Next week -Apricot...


  1. HeHe ... I bet guys would die for rude melons ;-P
    btw. I still intend to do week 30 ... and I know week 40 is up too ... o.o apricot, don't have the slightest idea yet, I haven't even done anything for melon ... lol
    and the connection on the campsite I'm on this week is quite poor, so no chance for more than just deleting the tons of ns in SL ...
    maybe it would be easier to do an RL colour post as long as the distance is rather small ;-P
    But we'll get both done ... sooner or later ;-)

  2. RUDEMELONS!! HHAHAHHAHAA, OMG, I love that!! Your adorable sweetheart, this pose and pic is sooo cute and exactly how I picture you in RL. A lil crazy, sexy and a "Oh yah, in your face" tude. xoxoxo Love ya!

  3. Torley Linden's colours :)

  4. heehee! Rude Melons is a winner for sure! Better watch your back and make sure Torley doesnt come chasing after you asking for usage rights....

  5. Ha ha ha, love the Rude Melons!

  6. You look lovely kawaii! And I loved the story :)

  7. Gotta love Rude's melons :P

  8. So cute, but I am sure there ain't nothing rude about your melons!!!

  9. Rude melons! You always make me giggle :D

  10. A fine, fine look, your Rude Melonship!

  11. OMG that rocks the RudeMelons!!!! Giggles at Rude Melonship...nice gillian

  12. I'm showing my age but it made me think of Sid James in the Carry on Films ... that's a nice pair of melons ha ha ha ha ... ( ;-))