Monday, July 25, 2011

New Profile Pic

Although I am getting better at taking pictures of myself, and getting vainer and vainer by the minute I might add, I have always been very reluctant to try to come up with a photo that I feel would be striking enough as a profile picture... That is a job that I will always leave to someone with more skills than I possess... This time I sat my ugly mug down and let my awesome bestie Lynaja Bade shoot me; luckily her water pistol was outta water, and the real gun was bullet-less, so it fell to the camera as her weapon of choice... Her photos made Rudh look incredible, I cannot believe that it is a photo of Rudh to be honest, it must be someone else, I mean I'm always looking at my avatar but until someone hands you a photograph that looks like that of yourself you never see yourself as looking as amazing as you probably are! I was in shock when I logged in this afternoon and was faced with these photos! 
 The autumn coloured one, picture number 2, instantly became my new profile picture, but they are just so gorgeous I HAD to show them to everyone... I hope that one day I can create a photo this pretty?! I spend long enough looking at myself hehe, anything is possible!
Thank you Lynnieloo... *hugs tight* I lubs the photos you created!!! I can't wait till we can make one of us, but knowing how long the dressing takes it could be a while hehe!!! *hugs*


  1. Very pretty profile pic! Your bestie did a good job.

  2. Rudh..this is STUNNING! I love the picture, and yes you are that beautiful! xoxoooxoox