Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rudh's New Jacket

I am a member of the subscribe group for the Dressing Room and its Blue companion... I have been for a while... Besides the odd hair style, there seems to have been a limited amount of items that have ever appealed to me, as a vast quantity of it isn't really my style, yet when an item appears that is something I might consider I get very excited. I am a fan of this kind of shopping - sometimes it can open your eyes to new things that you would never normally consider, although I will admit that currently the new Grunge Soul Project and the Depraved Exclusives seem to be more up my street and definitely more obvious within my wardrobe. 
This week was one of the weeks that something within the Dressing Room managed to catch my attention... It was the Misseiling V2 leather jacket from R.icielli, it had me thinking OOOOOOH I WANT THAT. Though when I put it on back at home I wasn't so sure... 

I like it, but is it really me?


  1. YES!
    It fits you like a glove, especially with that hair ^^

  2. My beautiful friend..It doesnt matter if it is you or not. Look at it as though your in the center pages of a fashion magazine. A model can make a burlap sack or an exquisite gown look incredibly gorgeous. To answer your question and as your friend..Yah, its you, totally! =)
    Love the hair with the jacket, it gives the look an edge which is YOU! Smooch! xoxoox

  3. Hot damn that looks incredibly cool. And also, you look a bit like Bree from Desperate Housewives, think it's the hair and the angular style of your face. I know you don't like the show but she is after all a very beautiful woman. Bree if she suddenly turned into a biker babe, that is!