Saturday, August 1, 2020

A Necrotic Party from the Darkest Depths

The darkest corners of Second Life are filling with magic... While Summer still has most of SL's inhabitants still in it's warm sticky grip, there are darker places calling those of us that like to hide in the shadows... Way down deep in the Dreadful Depths of Aenigma, there's a birthday party taking place, a dark little Necrotic Birthday event unfolds... 
Inside the great castle of Picklesong, Rudh laid in wait for the party to begin and now the Necrosis has started! 
I feel like I'm all over the place today, a little bit of this a little of that and one heck of a picture that makes me happy... I'm here to start celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the awesome dark little event that is Necrosis - more party to come later I'm sure - but I cannot believe that the little corner of darkness, hosted by Guen Gothly and Asbjorn Raven has already been brightening up the darkest corners of SL for a year! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY NECROSIS!!! 
While on the subject of Necrosis I guess I better talk a little about the things I'm showing off today, and Necrosis seems like a great starting point! I have two very awesome Necrosis releases to share right now, this AMAZING outfit from Dark Love, which features not only the dress, horns, halo and head chain but also a harness for the upper leg that I'm not wearing! I also changed up my tattoo, something that very rarely happened and got a little "Magik" - thanks to this GERMINAL tattoo! 
I'm not only playing with Necrosis though, OH NO, I'm dabbling into the Deadful Depths of Aenigma too... The Sea Witch, that's heading out to celebrate Necrosis' Birthday, has accessorized with some brilliant finds of the depths... Her hair was styled by KURURU, and her scales have been made to sparkle - check out the close up below of the amazing face make-up from NAR MATTARU called "Sea Witch" - and brandishing The Depths Trident - from Astara - she grabbed a Nightmariner's Lamp - from Static - and stalked the halls heading towards the Necrotic Party!!
What is she wearing; 
Hair: KURURU [KRR] - Aurora Hair (Available until August 15th at Aenigma)  
Skin: amara beauty - Freya in Ivory 
Eyes: Suicidal Unborn - Phantom Eyes V.2 
Face Scales: NAR MATTARU - Sea Witch (Available until August 15th at Aenigma
Tattoo: GERMINAL - Magik Tattoo (Available until August 21st at Necrosis
Body Scales: Izzie's - Body Mermaid Scales 
Outfit (Including Horns, Halo & Head Chain): Dark Love - Queen of Chaos (Available until August 21st at Necrosis
Trident: Astara - The Depths Trident (Available until August 15th at Aenigma
Lamp: Static - Nightmariner's Lamp (Available until August 15th at Aenigma
Pose: FOXCITY - Sass, Pose 7 

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