Sunday, November 26, 2017

Cake, Donuts & Ice-Cream

Sticking with the rather girlie side of myself today... I'm actually enjoying letting her out to play but it's not something that tends to last very long LOL. Pink Overload happens to me pretty quickly, and it's a colour, like purple, that I really tend to avoid! Yet this time, just this once I couldn't help myself... I had to get a little pink... All because of the icing!!!
I LOVE all things food related in SL, I have a large collection of yummy deliciousness and when it comes to candies and sweet things in SL - as in RL - I'm a bit of a sucker for it.
So when one of my store crushes - Violetility - released this awesome Cake Couch and Pouf combination for the Candy Fair this year, and not only are there Confetti, Chocolate and Strawberry sets there's also a Blue Alice themed set.
I couldn't find the right way to display it and actually got lucky when I stumbled on the fact that you can rez at Whole Wheat when you're in the group!! So I did, I went a little crazy, choosing a photo booth that worked for what I wanted, and rezzing first the furniture, then a decorative Cupcake Chandelier - from The Looking Glass - and a few more cakey things... 
Next it was time to get myself dressed, I had this awesome bodysuit from Cubic Cherry which perfectly fit the cake feel, and added some ice cream - because they go so well together, cake and ice cream - in the form of these amazing shoes from Ingenue - both of which are available at Candy Fair - with a few Half-Deer accessories, and voilá I looked like I'd fit in well at Willy Wonka's Candy Factory! 

What is she wearing;
Hat: Half-Deer - Summer Delights in Waffle Cone Hat 
Hair: Truth - Makena (Group Gift) 
Glasses: Half-Deer - Summer Delights in  Melty Sunglasses in Silver 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Bodysuit: Cubic Cherry - Yum! Bodysuit in Cream (Available until December 1st at Candy Fair 2017
Ice Cream: Half-Deer - Ice Cream Flowers in Raspberry 
Shoes: Ingenue - Adette Heels in Neopolitan (Available until December 1st at Candy Fair 2017
Sofa & poufs: Violetility - Cake Couch & Pouf (Available until December 1st at Candy Fair 2017)
Doughnut Cake: emm - Happy Donut Cakes (Available until December 1st at Candy Fair 2017)  
Bears: <:*BoOgErS*:> Donut Bear (No Longer Available!)
Light: The Looking Glass - Sweetest Gazebo Gacha in Cupcake Chandelier 

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