Friday, August 29, 2014

Even Horror can be Beautiful

You know me by now, you know that I tend to blog fairly random outfits at times and even my normal looks can be a bit strange lol, but I think that I hit the ball out of the park with this one! I blame it on the Horror Haute, but in fairness it was kinda me being strange too...
I just loved the somewhat pin-up style pose for this awesome monstrous Rudh look... The pose is available from Image Essentials, and if you ever need photographic poses, this place is always somewhere that I would recommend.
Thought the reason for the monster in me is mostly due to the bits that make up some of the awesome Horror Haute items on offer for this month. The dress from Czarny Kanarek shows a monster breaking through from a bound style, possibly inside the wearer... I went to town on Horror accessories too though and I borrowed two different items from some of the Horror Haute releases to create my own unique look... The Angler Fish Antenna comes with the Bad Juju "It Came From The Deep" Mermaid avatar,  whereas the tentacles are part of The Untitled's Kracken outfit. I am sorry to the designers that I used small parts of your items to make my one look for this picture, but to those of you reading this, the outfits that these things come with both look AWESOME and would be perfect to wear as they come - I just can't help myself playing around with things to Rudify my look!

What is she wearing;
Head: Death Row Designs - Face of Death in Blind Carnage
Angler Accessory: Bad Juju - It Came From The Deep (Available Now for HORROR HAUTE AUGUST)
Skin: HeartSick - Poison Skin
Dress: Czarny Kanarek - Monster Love (Available Now for HORROR HAUTE AUGUST)
Bracelets: (Upper) Sinistyle - Strap Bracelet, AND, (LOWER) Suicidal Unborn - Ivy Gloves
Tentacles: The Untitled - The Kraken Tentacles (Available Now for HORROR HAUTE AUGUST)
Boots: A&Y - Deuz Boots in Metallic Black
Pose: Image Essentials - The Slipper Chair

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