Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dead Girls can be Pretty too!!!

So there has been a bit of a debate in my head recently about should I or should I not lose the scars on my face?! I love wearing them but I do feel like sometimes they put people on edge and it makes them a little uncomfortable - but maybe those are just the people who cannot deal with the idea of looking different?! I don't really know, but I think at this precise moment in time, the idea of being without them, takes away a part of who I have let Rudh become and that would be a sad day... PLUS she is still more zombie, living dead girl than alive...
I let the living dead girl out of her locked box again last night... It's always fun to see the reactions of people when she comes to play...
Luckily she minded her own business and went for a walk in the graveyard of her dear friend Damon... He left her a little present - BALLOONS! So pretty, and they went well with her somewhat circus style dress from yumyums too... These dresses are available from yumyums at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, and come in a variety of colours, including this bright pink ultra rare version with sleeves! I dressed with some adorable drippy socks from Static, but while dancing in the graveyard I seem to have lost my shoes! She's dead though, shoes shouldn't matter!
Then it was time for accessorising... MY FAVOURITE BIT! I had a new friend that was wandering with me, he is my favourite accessory in this photo... The Bokeh Wild Things Goats - available at the Where the Wild Things Are Gacha Event - are simply adorable, and mine with the dough markings was my favourite of the bunch. I added a cute, pink, melted bat ring from Utopiah to stick with the pink theme! Then I dug through my zombie make-up kit, and found some of my dead girl make-up! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: SpellBound - Sunday 
Skin: AKA - Female Epidemic Skin 
Eyes: [theSkinnery] - Demon Eye Set 
Face Wounds: (Under the Eyes) Utopiah - Excessive Pain Makeup, (Cheek) League - Zombie Bite Ripped Cheek, AND,  (Forehead) REPULSE - Lobotomy Stitches Face Tattoo 
Piercing: Cute Poison - Hush Piercing 
Dress: yumyums - Miss Captain Heart Dress in Pink ULTRA RARE (Available soon at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Ring: Utopiah - My Melted Bat Ring 
Socks: Static - Drippy Socks in Black (Worn with SLINK High Feet)
Plushie: Bokeh - Wild Thing Goat in Dough Marking (Available now at the Where the Wild Things Are Gacha
Graveyard: PRAVDA - Dark Couture

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