Thursday, August 28, 2014

Beauty and the Beast for turning 8

Yesterday was my SL Rezzday... I turned 8! I tried to let it slip by, I didn't think about it and didn't want to bother anyone with it! Yet one of the MC remembered LOL... I was gifted something that I have wanted for a LONG TIME, as weird as it seems, but it is even more awesome than I thought it would be!!!!
YES, the family bought me the Beautiful Insane Avatar from Little Britain Designs... Now there are pros and cons with this... The cons being that the dress is flexi - I guess I am a mesh addict now days - and don't get me started on the shoes... LOL BUT the Beast that comes with the outfit, that Belle can walk around on a leash is BLOODY BRILLIANT! He walks on a lead, moves around and is a damn good pet... 
It really made me think back to the way things were 8 years ago when I first joined SL. 
Back then we had just the earliest beginnings of flexi, and starter hair was a blob that was stuck to your head! I wish I'd taken more pictures back then LOL!!! I wish I still had one of those hairs to pull out and show the noobies we meet now just how bad it was! I've been going through all of my stuff, disposing of some of it, and now I find myself thinking UGH, but back then it was the best of what was available and I loved everything I had! 
Look how much I've changed LOL... 
Thank you to everyone that has made my SL up to this point so memorable... The good and the bad I wouldn't change any of it, you've made me stronger and happier... I've met my husband, my best friends and even some new family, all because of a game! 
I just hope that I can look back in another 8 years and be saying, it's my 16th Rezzday! What a great way to waste some time huh?! 

What is she wearing; 
(I can find out for the little pictures, it will take me some time but please ask if you like something!) 
Avatar: Little Britain Designs - Beautiful Insane

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