Tuesday, May 6, 2014

It always makes me nervous...

Very occasionally I get asked to take photos of other people, and if you hadn't realised in the past, this brings out the nerves in me... I love the pictures that I make, but never expect other people to, and so when I am asked - or even if I offer - it always makes me feel just that little nervous because you never know how someone is going to react to your vision of what they want. 
Still I love having someone to practice on besides myself, so when a friend asks a friend will get... Kara wanted me to take some of her recently and I spent a while wondering how I would pose her. She wanted something a little sexy... I wanted a good pose prop for the purpose, and then I remembered the chaise from Captivity Co Poses, and Kara could choose whichever pose she liked best! 
As always I played with the wind-lights, and Kara posed until I told her she could move again - she was a very good model as always LOL... It's nice when you can tell someone what to do and they will just do it without complaint LOL... Wish this happened more often with my little Gatorlings. 
I guess I feel more creative when I'm dosed up on cold medicine too lol... These pictures aren't half bad, even if the colour we randomly decided to go with is a little on the evil side hehe... 
I just hope she likes them *fingers crossed*...

(For details of what Kara is wearing please feel free to ask, I will get any details that I can from the lady herself... The pose prop is the Chaise made for Captivity Co Poses, although I am unsure if it is available any longer!) 

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