Wednesday, May 21, 2014

5 Minutes Peace... Time for a little Drinkie!

Sometimes you have to just kick back, breathe a sigh of relief and move forward... Sometimes you have to take that sigh with a very large Margarita... In RL I am sipping on a cold glass of raspberry beer - my new addiction since living in Holland - but Rudh has to have a little more elegance and so a fancy cocktail is all that will suffice as her way of avoiding the drama and relaxing...
She would have been ready to entertain guests, dressed in her pretties but hiding away near the chaotic waterfall meant she had time all to herself, if it was just for a few minutes before someone screamed for attention once again...
I love this outfit... I knew I would have to wear it here sometime, but I just couldn't find time to get anything photographed for it LOL... TILL NOW! There is nothing brand new to this outfit - the new stuff is stuff that has been waiting around in my wardrobe, biding it's time until I was ready to pull it out of the dark and throw it together in a look! I guess you could say this is another look of the day type post!?!
So outfit wise the look was something I'd been wearing on and off for a few days... I had the adorable Cage Dress from Haste since a long past Fantasy Gacha Fair, and because I love risque but didn't want to embarrass anyone I wore it with a Hucci Circolo Bodysuit that has been in my inventory for what feels like forever. As always though it was the accessorising that I went to town on... A Necromancer Crown from Remarkable Oblivion saw this outfit become a look fit for royalty, which kinda promted the use of the May's Soul Suala Shoulder Epaulettes too I guess... My piercing remained the same - a Crave Piercing from Cute Posion - and I used a pretty Death Row Designs Karma Headband to hold the fringe of my Maisy Truth hairstyle in place.
All in all not a bad look for someone who only managed to find 5 minutes peace LOL...

What is she wearing;
Crown: Remarkable Oblivion - Necromancer Crown
Hair: Truth - Maisy
Hair Band: Death Row Designs - Karma Headband in Disbelief
Skin: Glam Affair - Candy Skin in America 09 (Past Arcade Item)
Face Wounds: (Forhead) REPULSE - Lobotomy, (Right Eye) Corvus - Scarred Face Tattoo,  AND, (Left Cheek) Corvus - Cheek Scars
Piercing: Cute Poison - Crave Piercing
Epaulettes: May's Soul - Suala Shoulders in White
Dress: Haste - Cage Dress in Navy
Bodysuit: Hucci - Circolo Bodysuit in White
Bracelets: Delusions - Bloodlust Bangles in Black (No Longer Available!)
Drink & Pose: Sparrowtree Studios - What's Your Poison?

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