Friday, December 27, 2013

Zombie Santa's Christmas Presents

Christmas for us this year was great... We ate too much because I cooked a freaking awesome Christmas dinner complete with all the trimmings of a traditional English Christmas, I got spoilt by Santa and had far too many presents, and everyone - including my somewhat grumpy mother-in-law - had a really good time! 
Though I often wondered when I was little just what Santa gets up to after he has done all his work... I mean OK he may need a holiday - I don't know when he is expected to go back to work again, how long does it take to set up what he does? LOL - but I will share a little secret... Zombie Santa takes his vacation in the Gators Swamp!!
I saw him chillaxing by the fire, reclining lazily in HellBone's presidential seat, but I had to get a little closer to see what he was playing with... It turns out that Zombie Santa likes playing with puppets... 
These puppets - which I believe are from Curio Obscura - make chatty noises as a typing animation... It made me laugh for a while watching HellBone dressed in his favourite seasonal avatar from Little Britain, playing with these things... Soon I realised that he was using them as a way of ignoring myself and our sister Juli - we would be chatting and he would be mimicking us with these puppets... I wonder how long it will last before he gets in big trouble!!!

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  1. hehe super Rudh.. ))) love this! and want wish you a wonderful 2014