Sunday, December 1, 2013

Winter Faes ride in the Clouds!

The Arcade starts up again today, and I am going to hold off going for a week until things calm down lag wise. Until that point however, I will need to find things to occupy my mind and avoid the shakes as I battle the urge to try to force my way in earlier hehe... 
Lots of interesting things to come your way I hope... First off this random look I pulled together that started with the eyes and became something straight out of crazy land. 
The eyes are available now from SongBird, as a prize in the Invitation Only Hunt, and come with the gorgeous eye make-up that gives the pretty Winter Fae it's little sparkle of magic. It struck me as a little bit icy, but more sky-like so I had a flash of inspiration. I dug out the Jackalope ears and antlers from Half Deer that have been gathering dust until I could find a suitable look for them. I teamed that with some very girlie coloured hair that was a past hunt prize from Ploom, it's pinks and purples providing a subtle flicker of colour. The last little hint towards the clouds and their magic is the gorgeous necklace - one of my favourite pieces of jewellery ever -from League. The Daydream Necklace can be worn with or without moving clouds and in single, double or triple strands of picture frames as seen here!
Thank you though to Miss Nimil Blackflag, of SongBird, because without her I'd have not had the eyes and I'd have not been able to find something to occupy my mind and get over the shakes hehe!!!

What is she wearing;
Ears & Antlers: Half Deer - The Jackalope in Dreamer
Hair: Ploom - Cynthia in Easter Hunt (Past Hunt Prize)
Skin: al vulo - Chen in Water Dryad
Eyes & Eye Make-up: SongBird - Winter Fae (Available now in the Invitation Only Hunt)
Lips: Lamp*Light - Lips with Teeth
Necklace: League - DayDream Necklace in Moving Sky Triple Tier
Pose: Starry Heaven - Yurika 3 (Available now at Acid Lily)

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